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the sorry state of pop music

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RE: X & Y | from HeFfeJun 15 2005 - 11:46

ThE pleAsUre wAs all MiNE....



RE: X & Y | from ChrisJun 15 2005 - 10:38

Thanks. Thanks a lot for killing a decent thread.

RE: X & Y | from AppleJun 13 2005 - 23:43

MomMy, stOp iT!!! yOUr sKaRIng mE!!

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:17

But much, much, much, much sexier.
And a little younger.
And with titties.

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:16

Like a peach with Tom Wolfe smeared all over it.

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:14

and verbose

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:14

verbose and juicy.

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:13

and my cunt is juicy.

RE: X & Y | from GwynethJun 13 2005 - 20:05

Bitter bastard.
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Mka eme act, my hero, make me act.
I am asprawl.

RE: X & Y | from ChrisJun 13 2005 - 12:37

Well I am currently listening to:

Aqua (I'm a Barbie Girl!!!! - Yeah!!! gotta love that one!)

Sade (smooth operator - it makes me feel warm in my pants!)

That's all for now and fuck that pansy Chris Martin...actually, Gwyneth is doing that....Oh well at least I got my right hand and keri lotion....speaking of lotion, what ever happened to that band???? I dunno.


RE: X & Y | from Alex NiedtJun 13 2005 - 11:13

Hey Chris. What are your favorite bands/songs?

RE: X & Y | from CFJun 13 2005 - 09:05

I just got X&Y, and it is OK. Not a masterpiece by any stretch, not garbage, either. Safe is a good word. However, it's not Parachutes or Rush of Blood; though I do think it's not evolved, either. It's rather simple; at times very nice. Doesn't blow you away.

I also concur that Doves are hugely underrated, and probably better-that Black and white song is awesome.

Another band you should all be listening to is Delays-hard to describe-I read a bio that said it was like the Hollies meeting the La's and picking up the Cocteau Twins for a cup of tea. Simply beautiful and brilliant. Anyone else discovered them yet?

RE: X & Y | from ChrisJun 13 2005 - 06:45

jan/jahjzhejzan -- You're an ass. First of all, it's "write," not "wright." Learn to spell, Beavis.

More importantly, as listeners we are free to critique as we see fit. Do I have to be a carpenter in order to judge whether my house is well put together? Do I have to be a luthier to know if a guitar sounds good?

It's not "easy" to complain about a major band that actually has no clothes. You get a lot of pushback from fans who won't see it any other way. But easy isn't the point. Coldplay made a bad, bad record -- criminally boring and offensively predictable. Even a casual listener would have to believe that they underestimated the tolerance of "the public."

I'm glad to see some critics stand up and tell the truth about X&Y. That's how music gets better. And it's my "wright," dillweed.

RE: X & Y | from ckJun 12 2005 - 09:22

It's funny, I was killing time playing poker on line a few days ago when some guy asked me if I'd ever heard of Doves. He said they were "kinda like Coldplay only their songs were a lot more interesting." A nicely weird moment in cyberspace.

RE: X & Y | from eraserheadJun 12 2005 - 08:05

I saw the Coldplay performance on VH1. First of all it sickens me when the show cut into the song to play interviews with the band. That is disgusting.
I saw Doves a couple weeks ago and thought they were great. A band that is in the same genre as U2 and Coldplay (I think better) but gets zero notoriety. Maybe marrying a famous actress helps.

RE: X & Y | from jahjzhejzanJun 12 2005 - 03:25

that wasn't my point. I just think it's easy to complainabout coldplay and to say that they make easy predictable tunes. it sounds o so simple but I could never wright 'o so simple songs'

Idaho is one of the best bands in the world if you ask me. too bad they don't get the chance to tour the world. if explosions in the sky and low can, why can't idaho...

RE: X & Y | from & ZzzzzzJun 12 2005 - 00:37

Ah, so that's how to measure musical ability; by counting the money?

Idaho must be really fucking shit, then?

RE: X & Y | from janJun 11 2005 - 10:58

instead of analysing the songs, try to wright them instead.
the songs sound nice, warm sound, but a bit too much like U2.

oh yes, everybody complains about coldplay. hopefully you guys can earn 10 million dollars just by complaining. just like they did by making these 'predictable' tunes...(10 million per member)

RE: X & Y | from Coldsy Mc PlayplayJun 06 2005 - 13:48

i think punch doodie make song write. i can steal please before no known singy-sing. you cant think you can do better? i make a creamy butter log in opposition to your forces! widen your believe to intake more prescription for smile-makes. this may improve slightly your pleasance in sound-hears, and further are reducing your impressions of poopy from cow-animals, which are men.

can i be heard to understand?

RE: X & Y | from ChrisJun 06 2005 - 11:42

No, they're not good. All their material -- not just a portion of it -- is predictable. Their sources are instantly recognizable. Martin said as much on MTV the other night; said they're notorious for "plagiarizing" (his word, not mine).

Sure, their melodies are sensible, and their songs are solid. But they're dull -- like the foundation of a house. It works, it does the job -- but it's hard to be passionate about it.

I have a problem with any band that looks to step right into the shoes of its forebears. Coldplay is filling a commercial hole left by the Verve, Radiohead (officially too weird now for radio) and an amalgam of a half-dozen other Britpop bands.

It's one thing to take up the torch, but Coldplay are giving it a Dave Matthews dousing. And Martin going on in Mojo about the genius of Oasis? Please.

Paste magazine is free to give this band the "new Beatles" tag. And I'm free to say that's enough to put me off Coldplay for a lifetime.

RE: X & Y | from Alex NiedtMay 31 2005 - 15:16

While I agree with you, CF, the snobbery over popular music is uneven here if you think about it. Everyone seems to love Radiohead, but most seem to detest Coldplay. Both are extremely popular, so it seems to just be a matter of taste. Radiohead gets on my last nerve, though. I can only take that guy's singing in the smallest of doses.

RE: X & Y | from CFMay 31 2005 - 06:58

Who cares? I thought Radiohead were the next Beatles? Or was it Oasis? What I don't get about the snoberry here(and that's what it is- how dare a band that is good be popular?)is that you are plain wrong about Coldplay. They are extrememly talented, and Martin is a great songwriter. I saw them live in 2001, way before Yellow broke, at Irving Plaza with 200 other people. I was amazed. I knew then the British press's hype was justified. The problem with the musical snoberry is, that if Paste magazine tomorrow declared IDaho the best band ever, you would all complain about it, too...in my opinion, yes, there are better bands today then Coldplay (idaho is one of them), but for once, a decent band is getting a lot of press and airplay-I say good for them.

RE: X & Y | from ronMay 30 2005 - 08:00

U2 has become something weird in this country. almost like they're an untouchable band. Bono seems about the only one people can rag on and still save some face, but not the band as a whole. i've never been a huge fan of U2, but i can acknowledge their place in rock history. and that place is a very important one. however, what i won't do is say that coldplay is anywhere near U2, especially only after 3 albums... and and especially after "rush of blood to the head." talk about your sophomore slump! that album just blows... in my opinion. there's about 2 songs on that record worth keeping.

RE: X & Y | from Alex NiedtMay 29 2005 - 16:27

When I first heard that song, it reminded me a lot of U2, except I like Coldplay more, honestly. So I see the comparison there. But "on their way past the Beatles"? Huh?

RE: X & Y | from Logsy McLogglesMay 29 2005 - 15:25

didnt Pantsy McDoodles give the finger to rolling stone in another Idaho Message Board thread... Something about heartily feasting on steaming feces served from a Hobo's anus???

i'm guessing the same offer can be given to Paste magazine (whatever the hell it is, i dont read it.)

i gave up along time ago caring what reviewers think of albums. as far as i'm concerned, music reviewers hold about as much validity as those arm-chair idiots who sit on their couches watching TV yelling at a sport team's coach, fully convinced that they themselves could coach the team better, and somehow the Professional has it all wrong.

it's all opinions, and usually either highly biased or completely uneducated ones at that. and you know what they say about opinions.

RE: X & Y | from alanMay 29 2005 - 12:13

Your frustration is noted.
I thought that their performance was anorexic. Don't give big media or Paste magazine too much attention.
... You make safe, homoginized music that industry "ears" think will sell. They put out your "crappy" record and pour millions of dollars into promoting it. All the media outlets cover it because company X has spent millions of dollars promoting it and making it popular.
Some freelance-kid trying to get a writing gig takes an assignment for Paste rag-o-zine and voila, you have your next beatles.

the sorry state of pop music | from ronMay 29 2005 - 10:25

i don't know if any of you have read the Paste Magazine review of coldplay's new album... but... if you haven't you should. Paste is claiming that X & Y is the greatest recorded music ever... and that they [coldplay] has already surpassed U2 and are on their way past The Beatles. are you freaking kidding me? i saw coldplay's performance on saturday night live a few weeks ago and i was more amazed at the anorexic lindsay lohan than i was coldplay's performance... which seemed to be Clocks Part II. it was terrible. but this is the sad state of popular music today: artists are considered great b/c they are popular, not because they are good.

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