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US Funk Team - Summer Tour

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RE: HELP US!!!!! | from JJun 12 2005 - 10:49

Go to Neurolux.com and ask.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from dkJun 06 2005 - 17:45

Do you guys know Nelly Furtado? She can probably hook you up. She's very big in Boise.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from usfunkteamJun 06 2005 - 08:39

We want to play in Boise goddammit!

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from ronMay 28 2005 - 23:30

hey US Funk Team, you're a friend on my myspace.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from Tim KinsellaMay 27 2005 - 15:36

your a poopy butt

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from Alex NiedtMay 27 2005 - 13:49

By the way, I remember there was a thread a while back about your musical "guilty pleasures" or whatever. So I know I'm not the only one who listens to stuff other than IDAHO, etc. ;)

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from Alex NiedtMay 27 2005 - 13:46

Sorry Codreanu. No can do. I seriously love her. Haha...I got her second CD to listen to the production, which I love. And now I own both her CDs and listen to them all the time. If you can get past indie rock snobbery and listen, the arrangements and vocal layering and all that are really good, the second CD in particular. Anyway...that's enough about that. I listen to anything, and I'm constantly surprised by what I end up enjoying. I find it so boring and pretentious to listen to sad lofi indie rock all the time. I flipped between music videos on all the VH1 and MTV stations last night for like an hour. I think pop music is getting more creative and varied lately in the sounds and combinations of sounds used. I like to pick up ideas here and there. You never know what you can throw into your own music.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from JBMay 27 2005 - 11:48

It is agreed. Who would like to volunteer to make the notification?

(Alex, do you really own some Nelly Furtado?)

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from CodreanuMay 27 2005 - 01:02

I vote against.

I would like my desire that US Funk Team be banned from Boise to be a matter of record -- likewise, my desire that Nelly Furtado be banned from Alex's records.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from Alex NiedtMay 26 2005 - 23:59

^I vote against.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from JBMay 26 2005 - 21:59

Second. The matter is hereby returned to "the coalition" for further amendment.


I move that we vote on whether the US Funk Team from Philadelphia, PA should be allowed to play in the great state of IDAHO

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from T.I.M.B.A.C.I.T.P.Mc.D.I.I.A.W.I.O.A.W.O.O.C.H.R.C.I.CMay 26 2005 - 21:45

We regret to inform you that Codreanu implying that Pantsy McDoodles is in any way involved or associated with our organisation is strictly forbidden on The Idaho Message Board. Please consider this an official "Cease and Desist" order concerning your implications that Pantsy McDoodles is in any way involved or associated with our organisation . Any further infraction will be met with the most harsh responses.

thank you for your time, and please don't loogie on my the bob-wink.


RE: HELP US!!!!! | from CodreanuMay 26 2005 - 20:48

The above is, doubtless, a karmic reaction to discussing Coldplay on this forum.
In God's name, stop it.

I move that Pantsy's coalition (I.M.B.....H.R.C.I.C.) issue immediate strictures involving the free discourse of the matter of Alex's record collection.

RE: HELP US!!!!! | from JBMay 26 2005 - 20:30

Well, you SORT of came to the right place.
Try: http://www.neurolux.com/
In Boise, ID

Good Luck!

And thanks for playing

US Funk Team - Summer Tour | from US Funk TeamMay 26 2005 - 19:44

Hi, we're the U.S. Funk Team from Philadelphia, PA. We're a 3-piece indie rock band influenced by and often compared to bands such as Nirvana, the Pixies, the Rolling Stones, and Modest mouse. We've been playing the Phila. and surrounding areas for over a couple years now and have played with bands such as Minus the Bear, Stars Hide Fire, OK GO, Circa Survive, and Travis Morrison(dismemberment plan singer). We're looking to play the Idaho on July 17th. If anyone can help us book a show, let us jump on a show, or point us in the right direction, we'd be extremely grateful. We love to trade shows too, so if anyone helps us, we can guaruntee them a Philly show. If anyone can help us, please email: usfunkteam@hotmail.com thanks! - jay(us funk team)
songs- myspace.com/funkteam

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