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RE: New Brian Eno Album | from greenApr 16 2005 - 14:49

hey I don't know if you guys knew that Brian Eno scored the recently released film, "the jacket". nice stuff, and the movie really wasn't bad.

RE: New Brian Eno Album | from jeffApr 15 2005 - 09:56

cant wait to hear it

. | from susan331 Apr 15 2005 - 06:20

Stolen from Pitchfork:

Brian Eno Prepares New Album

Along with the Fall, Brian Eno has been making all these young indie whippersnappers look pretty lazy lately. Each have been popping out an album a year recently, and now after last year's collaboration with Robert Fripp, the French website Metisse Music is reporting that Eno is working on a new release, tentatively titled Another Day on Earth.

Hannibal Records (a subsidary of Ryko) will release Another Day on June 13. Metisse describes the record as a "vocal album", though, knowing Eno, it probably won't be purely a capella; it does however conjure up memories of our favorite obtuse lyrics of the 70s.

Unfortunately, there's no tracklist to cite, but it appears he's been practicing his chops as of late. On April Fool's Day, Eno joined Algerian world-beat veteran Rachid Taha on stage in France, "playing and singing, until the end," and he contributed to Taha's latest effort, Who Are You?. Sure, expectations that come with a legend like Eno are too high, but dude's been on a roll the past few years, and we'll take a gamble on him over Louis XIV any day.


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