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RE: darmstadt, oettinger villa | from bartlebyApr 13 2005 - 19:34

hey susanne,

any chance of obtaining a dvd copy of that recording? i live in tuebingen but didnt make it to darmstadt by the end of the tour.. pls send me a mail in case you are willing to share/sell...

video footage | from sApr 05 2005 - 10:25

dear jeff,

maybe you remember that my sister
and i filmed one of your shows
last year in germany (darmstadt,
oettinger villa). i thought that
maybe you want to have a copy of
the video footage. i suppose you
can't watch european dvd s (?) so
i could send you a version on
miniDV. would that be ok? (and
where to?)

many greetings

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