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porno movie

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RE: Hot rats score... | from mark allen suthersOct 02 2005 - 18:35


RE: Hot rats score... | from JB Oct 01 2005 - 18:07

That sounds like fun and all, but I think IT liked being called a COCKFAG - whatever that is...

RE: Hot rats score... | from the makerSep 29 2005 - 21:16

hey jack ass - let me help you comprehend your demise. we are going to find you and or other people associated with your retarded endeavor of spamming this board. when we do - it will go down like this: you will find yourself being dragged from your cozy little room by persons dressed in black with bats. you will be beaten but only until you are restrained. after you're hogtied you'll be driven to a desolate location where multiple associates will shit on your face. your teeth will be smashed out with a hammer - others wearing rubber gloves will force the excriment down your throat and into your nostrils. you will be choking and gasping for breath but you will hear giggling during your killing. as the gasoline is being poured over you your ribs will be broken in such a way as to probably puncture a lung or lungs. while this is happening certain members of the "team" will be researching the wherabouts of your family. large 'needles' will thread piano wire through the back of your achilles tendons. as we light you ablaze you will hoisted by the cables upside down. there will probably be a moment of comtemplation on your behalf on this symphony of pain. you will wonder if the burning or the cables ripping your tendons is worse. then the fire will be extinguished and you will be left hanging there dumb and smoldering....


RE: Hot rats score... | from Singe? Now free.Apr 01 2005 - 16:24

Unlike ol' m2, who just jumps in and dribbles pithy comments over almost everybody who visits this godforsaken place. Dull interjections topped with some sauce of vague self righteous worthiness. Like this.

RE: Hot rats score... | from John DoeApr 01 2005 - 16:24

RE: Hot rats score... | from m2Mar 31 2005 - 12:02

i'm guessing that, at some point, the author of this post figured it might come off as "witty."

porno movie | from Rocco SifrediMar 31 2005 - 01:50

Hey Jeff, instead od an horror movie, you didn't told us that you've done a movie soundtrack for a porno called "Hot Rats" ! "We were young and we needed money" I think that's what they always said...

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