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bayonet sale

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RE: bayonet | from michelMar 28 2005 - 12:03

he probably is the stock, as i recall 500 or 1000 of ea color vinyl were pressed by a small german label. they're probably left still with quite a few copies.
i actually do miss out on one item, the split single with dakota suite. are these still available or am i bound to pay 25 euro one day?

RE: bayonet | from bartlebyMar 28 2005 - 04:47

if that even includes the Forbidden EP, i do envy you, since that´s the only one missing in my collection.
the split 7" with Cobolt keeps getting put on offer by one and the same (german) ebayer as well... wonder where they found the stock

RE: bayonet | from michelMar 26 2005 - 05:32

good deal and yes that's the one, i know its getting costly, glad i's fully supplied years back

RE: bayonet | from bartlebyMar 26 2005 - 04:27

http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?viewItem&category=1572&item=4712769765&rd=1 you mean? got my copy on ebay.de for a mere 5 Euro last month - not a bad bargain considering that the only vinyl copy Dale brought on the last tour cost 25Euros and didn´t make it until Paris...

bayonet sale | from michelMar 24 2005 - 15:21

in case anyone needs it, in germany there is a bayonet ep available

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