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RE: Idaho resources online | from brianJan 19 2001 - 16:09

once again to update this previous post,
there are now 49 links regarding to Idaho.
if anyone comes across any sites not posted, please let me know
especially if you have a local paper that reviewed the band live/cd or from a college.


RE: Idaho resources online | from curiousfishDec 22 2000 - 14:46


Nice set of links you put together. Thanks for taking the time -- definitely interesting and appreciated.


RE: Idaho resources online | from SteveDec 21 2000 - 16:55

thanks for putting that up! i may have even learned some new things... :)

RE: Idaho resources online | from brian817Dec 20 2000 - 12:55

I need to update the previous post, there
are now currently 36 sites listed
in the Idaho category on ODP.

here is the link, copy and paste it.


enjoy more.

@ ODP | from brian817Dec 19 2000 - 23:38

As a service to all other fans and
to myself, I have become the editor of
the Open Directory Project's category
for Idaho. Currently I have listed 24
sites pertaining to our beloved band
consisting mostly of reviews but also
includes the live show archive links,
links about equipment and releases.

If anyone has a site about Idaho or knows of a site
with a review or images, please let me know
or submit the URL at the link below.

Here is the direct link to the Idaho
category on the ODP search engine.



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