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a desperate man writes | from alan kyleDec 06 2000 - 13:07

I know the band is on tour, and Dale is on said tour with John, but I can't wait for the last cd to be sent to me when they return.
It just makes it worse having to read about the great gigs they are doing and how great Hearts of Palm is when I have yet to hear it and I doubt that the band will make it to Scotland this time around.
In fact I don't know why I'm moaning as I just have to bide my time till Jeff & co return.
Has anyone else not heard it yet?
Hopefully I'll have it by Xmas- its so shit that it isn't in the shops here even though I'd rather send the money to their label.
By the way I hope all you Idaho fans voted for Gore as Bush is nuts if you ask me. What a farce it has descended into...just a thought.
I'm not blaming anyone here I'm just so desperate to hear Idaho's latest classic.
Have you heard the Czars? I saw them and Low last week. Both amazing bands.

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