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RE: Idaho Live | from williamDec 05 2000 - 10:09

I've got a tape that i made of the in-store appearance at Restless Records in Chicago from 10/14/00. It was recorded on a simple hand held cassette tape recorder, nothing fancy, but it turned out pretty well i think. very low key type thing-everything scaled down and quiet. i've been reluctant to put anything up about trading it because my cassette deck is a little fucked and the copies wouldn't be that good. but i figure if anyone was interested, we could set it up and i could make the copies at my parents house when i go home for x-mas. interested parties can e-mail me directly. here's the set list: the sun is all there is(missed the very beginning), sweep, evolution is cold, apricots to armagnac, hold everything, the thick and the thin, god's green earth, skyscrape.

RE: Idaho Live | from KevinDec 01 2000 - 12:02

The 40 watt show as broadcast on the digital club network was brilliant. I would pay a fair $$ to have a good quality digital recording of it. If their other shows are that good... wow!

RE: Idaho Live | from ashDec 01 2000 - 08:16

i'm working on getting the show they played back in august at the 40 watt club in athens, ga in digital format. i'd be very interested in trading this for your bottom of the hill show tape, dan. lemme know...

RE: Idaho Live | from danNov 30 2000 - 09:57

I taped the Bottom of the Hill show in SF last July on minidisc.
If anyone wants to trade, send me an e-mail.

live shows | from joeNov 29 2000 - 16:09

hello, all i just wanted to know if
there is anyone who has visited this message board who has any live
Idaho shows or tape or cd. I have
some but i would like to hear more
especially from this tour and the last. I know someone taped one of the shows in chicago with a minidisc so i know there are people out there who has taped their stuff. if anyone would like to set up a trade or would be willing to convert their show to mp3 and upload it to my myplay account so everyone can have the chance to hear them let me know. thanks

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