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RE: Austin TX show @ EMOs | from Jeff B. Dec 01 2000 - 11:15

Hey Idaho, please put the new Hearts of Palm t shirt in your merch section- would love to get my hands on one.... Thanks

11-21-00 | from brian817Nov 29 2000 - 09:03

It has been very rare for me to see a
band live that I have been a fan of since the very
beginning (STUCK ON CAROLINE '93) and have
faithfully followed and not be let down or the
group break up. Idaho is the exception.
I had missed the show with the Cranes in Dallas
a few years ago but was determined never to miss
the next show wherever closest it would be. My wife
and I were headed to Houston for Thanksgiving and
the Idaho show in Austin was the night we were leaving
from Fort Worth so it all was perfect timing. We arrived
at Emo's incredibly early (we made great time driving) and caught Idaho's soundcheck
which consisted of 2 songs, GOD'S GREEN EARTH and another
that escapes me at the moment, and was unreal sitting there at the bar
with only the bartender and soundguy present. After getting levels
set, the band broke down but before leaving I introduced myself to Jeff
and thanked him for all the years of music and inspiration and gave him a copy of
my band's CD (ULTRAGREY) that I felt honored to hand to him and he was so gracious
and receptive. The IDAHO show was incredbile, not too crowded, not too sparse. We were
at the front of the stage on John's side and watching Jeff play guitar, sing, start the sampler,
and play the trigger pedals on songs was amazing and all without any technical problems. The only
complaint was that EMO's cut the show short and they couldn't play 2 more songs and ended with Jeff performing YESTERDAY'S UNWINDING
solo. After the show Jeff was greeted by 5 or 6 fans and started answering questions about gear and songs and I
thanked him again for the show and the music and he signed my YEAR AFTER YEAR booklet. John had gone back to sell merchandise and we made our way back to by a HEARTS OF PALM shirt and introduce ourselves to him, who we had earlier e-mail contact with.
John, recalled who we were and we spoke about 10 minutes on the show and music and the next tour and he too signed YEAR AFTER YEAR for me.

I never seek autographs from people except those that have deeply inspired/influenced me musically and was truly honored to finally do so with Jeff & John.
Hopefully I will be seeing Idaho next spring in the DFW metroplex and will be trying to help in anyway organzie that show or suggest the right venue.

Thanks again for everything and wishing you all well in Europe.

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