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RE: Samples = Downer | from DaveNov 21 2000 - 21:25

I mentioned this on another thread,
but could this lead into the
possibility of having all three of
'em (Dan, Jeff, and John) on stage
and playing at once? I know this
is just a daydream, but if Idaho's
music must reproduce all of it's
layers at live shows, wouldn't this
be a decent idea? I went to a
Sonic Youth show a few years back
and 3 people were playing guitar
all at once and it sounded really
really good (even though Sonic
Youth's earlier work is far better
than what they're putting out
nowadays). I'm just curious: what's
everyone else's take on possibly
having all three of 'em play
together live?

RE: Samples = Downer | from jamesNov 21 2000 - 18:15

Agreed. Well said.

RE: Samples = Downer | from miltonNov 21 2000 - 17:54

if you saw idaho in their last incarnation in 1996-1997, i think you would be hard-pressed to be satisfied with the samples. dan impressed with his ability to recreate what he put on the records, if not exactly replicating the sounds, capturing the feelings.

i never saw idaho in 1993 with john berry playing, so i can't comment on those performances, although there is a record of that in the recently released idaho live disc. i still think year after year is idaho's best album, but i think that the sampling put into use on this tour makes it impossible for these shows to compare at all to those with dan's playing. with the sampling there is no tension, no spontaneity, and the pre-fabricated nature of the samples really takes away from the live dynamic.

if john didn't have the time or ability to reproduce what was on the recent albums i would have much prefered them to rework those songs for live performance. as it is the samples make it seem a bit like idaho karaoke.

as a guitarist, there is no comparison between a sample and watching someone with a mastery of their instrument, especially with feedback where there are very few people who really have the control to pull it off live like dan does. that is why we go to live shows and don't just stay at home and listen to the album yet again. its live, it should be different, it should give more than the recording has to offer.

john, dan, jeff, whoever, they're all nice and have all done some nice work with ambience and feedback, but i want to see and hear them live, not hear a pre-recorded version. whoever is in the lineup it would be really nice to see them play.

RE: Samples = Downer | from kellyNov 21 2000 - 00:45

i firmly disagree, music is
changing samples are great so it
maybe a little sample heavy
big woop!
do you really thing dan sounds
like that in the studio?
being a musican myself and being
very fonda pro tools i know you
can make people sound 100 times
better than they are,
who knows how much seta played
anyway not to sound like an arse, but
it's all about jeff, baby!

Samples | from AndyNov 20 2000 - 20:25

Was anybody the least bit disappointed with the all the guitar samples going off on onstage. I would say that at least 75 % of all the guitar sounds heard onstage minus Mr. Martin's guitar strumming were all lifts from the actual guitar tracks themselves. So, Mr. Seta was in on way or another there. Personally, I like live shows to be a little more live.

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