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is this previously unreleased?

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RE: | from DaveNov 13 2000 - 21:43

Thanks for the info, Dave! I've
gotta check out that compilation,
especially since Death Cab for
Cutie's gonna be on there too. I
just saw them two nights ago up
here in Seattle and they played a
pretty damn good show.

RE: | from DaveNov 13 2000 - 06:38

The track you're speaking of is "Stayin"
out in front". It's going to appear
on an upcoming charity compilation on
the new WishingTree Records. Other
bands on the comp are: Death Cab for
Cutie, Wheat, The Lilac Time, Spoon,
and many more. The URL is

RE: | from ashNov 11 2000 - 18:28

where did you see it? could you post the link here?

is this previously unreleased? | from StefanNov 11 2000 - 17:15

i was bumping around the internet and i happened upon an idaho tune called "staying out in front" ... does anyone know if this was on any records? i heard only a small piece of it on a page about a compilation that isn't coming out until next year sometime and was hoping i could find the whole song somewhere.

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