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Idaho Combo | from DaveNov 09 2000 - 00:36

There's been some chatter and clatter
here about who would win in an
Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dan
or John. However, I propose something
new. How about an Idaho with BOTH
Dan AND John? I'd be really interested
in hearing Idaho get a new (old?)
layer with the addition of Berry.
I've always preferred Dan, but Berry
has a certain rawness to the feedback
and tones that he brings to Idaho,
and I would love to see how something
by this conglomeration would turn
out, even if it was just a for few songs.

I'm curious as to what Dan, Jeff,
and John would think of this. Maybe
it's just an Idaho Dream Team Pipe
Dream with too much going on, but
it's still neat to ponder.

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