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RE: Empty Bottle (Sucks) (11/12) in Chicago? | from BaHaaJul 08 2001 - 21:38

God, Empty Bottle is so pretentious these days, and the owner, Bruce, is such a spoiled little boy whose parents bought him the place so hed stop crying. Turning "indie rock" into a marketing scheme seems to be big there, as well as around the nation. But Idaho was, of course, simply fabulous, as my friends and I were amazed with the show. I had waited 5 years to see Idaho live, and luckily, i got to see them 3 times in a month. The best show, by the way, was the Reckless Records Chicago show 3 weeks before you hit The Bottle. Keep up the great music guys.

RE: Empty Bottle (11/12) in Chicago? | from jeffOct 31 2000 - 21:07

dont worry, the show is happening....we confirmed it today

unconfirmed? | from NickOct 30 2000 - 10:21


The upcoming Chicago show at the Empty Bottle on Nov. 12th seems to be unconfirmed. The Bottle's upcoming band calender for November (www.emptybottle.com), which has been up for at least a few weeks, does not have Idaho scheduled at all, let alone on Sunday, Nov. 12th. I've emailed them (the Bottle) a few times about this and got not response. What's up?


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