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RE: knitting factory nyc show | from RyanOct 30 2000 - 09:53

I was there and also waited many years to see it live. I must say it was the best show I seen.
The new album is great. I was sad that they didn't play anything off of the Shanti Project Collection like "Trip Over". Great, Great Show!!! Come Back Soon!!!!!!!

go see them in concert | from adamOct 29 2000 - 23:26

i just wanted to let you all know that i saw the concert tonight and it was amazing. i waited 5 long years to see jeff play and i was not let down. Hands down the best concert i've been to. The show ran 1hour and 20 minutes. It convered every album and a couple of songs the new guy didn't know at the end because they came back for an encore that wasn't quite planned on. Now i have to wait another few months and pray they come back for spring 2001. I hope you all get to see them.
Also get the hearts of palm album if you haven't already. It's fantastic. Almost the best so far but i'm still a big fan of three sheets to the wind.

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