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upstages show

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RE: upstages show | from sanitarysoulNov 03 2000 - 13:53

yeah, I'm with you on the overly mellow stuff. I love it, but live I wanted to see some more rollicking far out stuff. It is a shame that for such a deep, soulful sound they have such a small audience (compounded by the relatively large space). Also, they were on a platform and I prefered seeing them at Silk City on the same level. I loved sitting on a sofa and watching them unobstructed though!

RE: upstages show | from DaveNov 01 2000 - 21:17

I enjoyed the show. It was definitely on athe mellow side.
It included a fair amount of mysterious effects. I spent some
of the show figuring out where some of the sounds were coming from.
Jeff had a large rack-mounted unit he used to play music in between songs
and there were pedals and keyboards playin some sequenced/sampled stuff.
The sound was great, the vocals were out front and had some nice
reverb. I wanted to hear some more dynamic slow-burn material,
they played mostly quieter stuff. There were only maybe 30 or 40 people in the
audience. Jeff said this was a good crowd, that they had played to
less in other cities. Thats a shame


upstages show | from christian b.Oct 28 2000 - 06:21

i live near philly and had every intention of getting to the show on the 26th at upstages, but circumstances wouldn't allow, dammit. anyone who was at this show - how was it???

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