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best of idaho mix

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Golden Seal | from RossNov 27 2000 - 08:46

In response to Eraserhead's posting:

Yeah, this is further evidence that a best of Idaho mix would have to be an anthology. Goldenseal is by far once of the most brilliantly understated songs in existance. The delicate and deliberate arrangement of the song kicks my ass and the asses of all my friends. An absolute work of genius.

RE: best of idaho mix | from SteveNov 24 2000 - 14:53

I am still dying to hear the whole track of Stayin out in Front... there's like a less than 1 minute sample clip of it and it sounds like it could be one of my new faves.

(nobody has this entire track, right???)

RE: best of idaho mix | from EraserheadNov 23 2000 - 21:22

How you all leave out Goldenseal.
Certainly an amazing song. I agree
it is all subjective but man the
way song just rolls in and then
you float. And for song to do that
it's got to be damn good.

What's not best of idaho? | from RossNov 23 2000 - 05:48


How much does that suck, huh? I guess I find it hard to actually distinguish what the best of Idaho is. There isn't very much Idaho has done that I don't love. That might be me just being subjective, but it's just like if I was going to take all the things I like about different bands and put them together to create the perfect music, they would still fall short of the sheer brilliance that is Idaho. That sounded pretty retarded, I guess, but I think that there isn't anyone who has come close of putting out such carefully crafted songs. What scares me is that every album seems to impress me more. It's all good, really.

RE: best of idaho mix | from G.Nov 23 2000 - 05:03

No God's Green Earth? How dare you! (just kidding) :-)

State of Idaho. | from RossNov 22 2000 - 13:39

Here's mine:

1) Drop off
2) Catapult
3) Bass crawl
4) Only maybe
5) The sun is all there is
6) Sweep
7) Hearts of palm
8) Apricots to armagnac
9) Fuel
10) A sound awake
11) Skyscrape
12) Run but you ran
13) Alive again
14) Hold everything
15) Weirdwood
16) The worm
17) Tear
18) To be the one
19) Zabo
20) Forever

RE: best of idaho mix | from G.Nov 22 2000 - 10:34

Just finished my Best of CD: 1. If You Dare 2. Hearts of Palm 3. Spiral 4. Jump Up 5. Coolner 6. God's Green Earth 7. Fuel 8. Catapult 9. Tensile 10. Dantanna 11. To Be the One 12. The Sun Is All There Is 13. Only in the Desert 14. Drop Off 15. Pomegranate Bleeding 16. Trip Over 17. Scrawny 18. Drive It 19. Astrida 20. Yesterday's Unwinding 21. Stare at the Sky

Had to get the three demos from the web site on there, since you can't get them on CD!

best of idaho mix | from Jeff B. Oct 27 2000 - 22:31

working on a best of cd-r
1. fuel 2. pomegranate bleeding
3. only maybe 4. shoulder back
5. jump up 6. hearts of palm 7. run but you ran 8. dum dum 9. skyscrape 10. leaves upon the water
11. glow 12. thick and the thin 13. crawling out 14. save 15. to be the one 16. God's green earth 17. stare at the sky 18. forever
yeah, I'm leaving out a bunch, but there are only 74 minutes on a blank cd. Jeff and Dan, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

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