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the right escape

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RE: the right escape | from TimDec 02 2003 - 12:43

All gemm has left is the pomegranate bleeding single in 7".

RE: the right escape | from Alex NiedtDec 02 2003 - 10:54

I got mine on Gemm.com for $2.00. If I remember right, there were quite a few copies.

RE: the right escape | from Seth HowardDec 02 2003 - 10:10

The Pomegranate Bleeding single shows up on ebay every once in a while. That's where I got mine.

the right escape | from g.n.Dec 02 2003 - 08:41

I know this my attempt of getting my hands on this single is futile, so anyway, is it? anyone? JEFF, IS THERE STILL A WAY TO GET MY GRIMEY MITTS ON THIS? I know I'm about 7 years late in asking this.
I just heard a clip of it, and I want to hear the whole thing...or own it. any help or information is much appreciated. thanks

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