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found the "Drive It" single today

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RE: found the | from The DecemberistNov 11 2003 - 04:49

A ten to noon would be in my top 5 Idaho songs. Beautiful words, lush sound. Like a big musical swoon.

RE: found the | from Seth HowardNov 10 2003 - 16:54

Alex - "A Ten To Noon" sounds is in the same vein as the other stuff on This Way Out - interesting chord progression (aren't they all though?). "Red Snake" is more of an ambient piece - reminds me of the live segues on the Bayonet vinyl.

ME - The goods are in Seattle. Go to sonicboomrecords.com - The Capitol Hill store. I'm only suggesting this for the out-of-print/rare Idaho releases. Please do us all a favor and buy the Idahomusic-released stuff new if that's what you're looking for.

I think another store here has a copy of Alas. I'll find out if anyone's interested.

RE: found the | from Alex NiedtNov 09 2003 - 17:26

Seth, what are the Drive It B-sides like? I'm still trying to find Drive It and The Bayonet EP.

RE: found the | from MENov 09 2003 - 07:10

Seth where is this store located? What city etc?

found the "Drive It" single today | from Seth HowardNov 08 2003 - 21:35

I was just on my way to the register with the Sun Kil Moon record and decided to check the "new arrivals" in the used section. There was an unusual number of Idaho CDs in there, almost as it someone had purged their entire collection, which kinda bummed me out. Anyway, I was just about to leave when I spotted a pink spine. There it was - in really good shape too.

I'm sorry to report that there were no copies of Alas or The Forbidden, but there was a copy of Three Sheets, and The Palms, which you don't see very often.

Anyway, this brings me to a question for Jeff. Are the Caroline and Buzz releases officially out of print? Are there any plans to reissue them?

I've often thought about keeping a running thread here to help people find the old stuff.

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