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RE: show reviews | from ChrisJan 18 2001 - 09:45

Went to see Low about 6 years ago at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Idaho were actually the headliners, and I had only heard a couple songs. I really didn't care for the first album too much, but was blown away by the material from This Way Out! Truly one of the best shows I've ever seen. Only about 40 people there, very intimate. I've been a fan ever since.

RE: show reviews | from adamJan 15 2001 - 13:35

Honestly, I don't know if Dan had a big part in the writing dept or not. That is contestable. I think Jeff is a fabulous writer, and will carry on writing in the same inimitable capacity. As well, Jeff is pretty good with the ambient stuff too (he obviously has an ear for it), but Dan is a precise executor when it comes to summoning the controlled feedback and volume swells in a live environment or a recording environment. Bottom line, Dan's abscence on the next Idaho record will be felt, regardless of the breadth of influence his playing/writing had on Jeff in the past. However it will still be Idaho, and it will be like every new Idaho record. Different from the last.

RE: show reviews | from wilsonJan 15 2001 - 12:42

you know, im a little concerned that jeff is gonna really struggle on the next cd without dan. i mean , dan plays nearly 100% all the color (lead) stuff and had a big part in writting all the songs since he joined up during three sheets right?

RE: show reviews | from adamJan 15 2001 - 12:11

Dan Seta is awesome.

You are an inspiring guitar player, sir. And if you lived in the Detroit area, I would force you to join my band in a heartbeat. Please keep us informed of any music you are involved with.

Angry Fans | from John MarshallJan 15 2001 - 00:21

Right on, Dan! The sound of Idaho today is attributed to ALL of those who were involved. Idaho is a unique band in which the sound has evolved from many different influences, and if everything sounded like YAY, it would become boring. I might get bit for this, but I think you have contributed more to the present sound than anyone, besides Jeff of course. You deserve better than having to defend yourself to these people! Your absolutely right that Mark and Terry had a big influence and should not be ignored. Marty Brumbaugh is another, and most of the "fans" probably don't even know about him. But, as they say, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!

RE: show reviews | from Kenn Dec 20 2000 - 19:53

It's a little late. Still, I would like to thank Idaho for the two phenom. shows I saw (Cin.& Cle.) and for taking the time to answer my questions. Not many bands out there give fans as much.

RE: show reviews | from Seth HowardDec 05 2000 - 16:58

It's good to hear from you Dan.

I pretty much agree with everything you said. This goes along with what I said about the New Kozelek record. Musicians take their music in new directions over time. Bands change members. This stuff happens all the time, and everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions about which songs/albums/playing they like best, but that's where it ends for me.

One of the things that I like best about Idaho is the fact that an Idaho record is great no matter who's playing. Idaho is a true institution, and I just don't think it would be the same if it had the same lineup all these years. Everyone has had something fresh to bring to the mix.

Sure, John Coltrane had what many people consider to be a "classic" quartet, but does that mean that he played with hacks the rest of his career? I think not.

Oh, and as far as reviews go, here's one from a while back for Hearts of Palm from my neck of the woods. All and all, it's very positive, which is surprising considering the Stranger music staff's typical editorial slant.


RE: show reviews | from michelDec 01 2000 - 19:30

Dan, I read a while back you weren't able to do the tour 'cause of work obligations and nothing other than that, but what's the score really, maybe it's time to let us all in on that, if it's as serious as all above stuff would make us believe? I mean, if you were to ask me I wouldn't know whether you're in the band still or not. I kinda got the feeling you're not, according to that last few lines in your well said words, but can I be wrong? I would think so...

(And fuck me I still haven't got heart of palms, sorry!)

RE: show reviews | from williamDec 01 2000 - 05:08

i think its a great record. 'To Be The One' is an obvious standout i think, probably why it was selected to open the record. i think 'Alta Dena's a great track too. 'Evolution is Cold'--damn, the lyrics hit home on that one. i gotta wonder if Jeff went through a tough breakup prior to writing that one.

RE: show reviews | from DaveNov 30 2000 - 22:48

Yes! Thank you for posting Dan! I
was hoping all the craziness here
didn't turn you off from ever
posting again.

Anywho, Adam's got a good question:
what are you listening too? Plus,
what are some of your favorites on
Hearts of Palm?

You asked, so I'd have to say that
I don't really care much for Happy
Times. I know I'm probably in the
minority on this one, but I guess I
didn't care for that bluesy-dirge
feel it has. On the other hand, I
really dig Dum Dum. Before You Go
and Under are probably my two faves
though. There's just something
about the way the piano and the
feedback just go hand-in-hand on
those two. Very beautiful.

Thank you, Dan!

RE: show reviews | from adamNov 30 2000 - 19:49

Well put Dan. Thanks for posting on a regular basis. What records are you digging lately?

RE: show reviews | from danNov 30 2000 - 19:11

Dirk, I don't see why you
continually see the need to take
jabs at me. Perhaps the reason
people are pissed at you is because
you are taking a civil discussion
forum and trying to make it a
soapbox for your perceived slights
to John. For your information, John
and I happen to be very
good friends, and John is a very
literate guy who is completely
capable of defending himself.

I think if you go back and read the
posts I have made to the board you
will find that they are almost all
strictly informational. Trying to
compare the way John and I play is
stupid. We came to guitar playing
from completely opposite directions.
That we ever remotely occupied the
same sonic space has a lot to do
with my initial role in Idaho on
the tours for 'This Way Out'
attempting to reproduce the sounds
Jeff and John got in the studio on
the first two records. I never
would have done many of the things
John did that started the Idaho
ball rolling. On the other hand in
the 6+ year vaccuum left by John 18
months after the formation of the
band I did things that forwarded
the Idaho machine in ways that John
couldn't have.

Idaho has hosted an lot of members
over the years. Frankly I find it
hard to believe that no-one has mentioned
the contributions of Terry Borden,
Mark Lewis, and John Goldman to
name but a few. They all had
profound impacts on the sounds that
developed as Idaho over the years.
And I think their absence from this
message board is probably only
because they don't have the link,
and not out of some deference to a
notion that only current members
can post to the board. The board is
for everyone.

I spent over 6 years of my life
making music as part of Idaho. I
think I am entitled to express my
opinions about the band and more
importantly am one of the most
qualified with the exception of
Jeff to elucidate details about
a majority of the history of the

I have only one simple request, can
we please stop comparing John
and I? It is a completely inane
waste of otherwise very useful
space on some computer somewhere.
I would rather hear what people
think of the record; which songs
turn people on and which ones
people think are duds.

I am glad you feel passionate about
the early years of Idaho. I too find
them very compelling, but not at the
expense of the breadth of what Idaho
has become and where it hopefully
will go.


RE: show reviews | from DirkNov 30 2000 - 17:43

no people i am expressing my
opinion. it does not make me a jerk.
i just have no problem saying what
i think. i was standing up for john
when i felt dan was attacking him.
i have met him twice and both times
he could not be more gracious. from
that and seeing how he has never
chimed in in his own defense i,
possibly a little harshly
defended, one of the true geniuses
of idaho.
the other being jeff without john's
initial longstanding contribution
there would be no idaho
for dan to whine about!!!!

RE: show reviews | from LoveyNov 29 2000 - 18:48

Dirk is a jerk.

Hey that rhymed. Maybe I should be in Idaho

RE: show reviews | from jimboNov 22 2000 - 10:53


RE: show reviews | from DaveNov 21 2000 - 21:33

I'm still campaigning to have all 3
of 'em play together! Who says
one of 'em has to be better than
the other? Dan, John, and Jeff
each bring something different to
the table, and all of it is good.

Children - simmer down! I just
don't want this nice Idaho board to
become like the Built to Spill
message board: everything was fine
and dandy, but then people started
talking smack and then some of the
band members stopped visiting the
site. After a bit longer, none of
the band members visit. I'm not
trying to repress anyone's voice, I
just want everything to be civil.

Idaho rawks, no matter who's in it.

RE: show reviews | from mike j.Nov 21 2000 - 17:21

everybody, please! what is this the
cold war? both john and dan
contributed a lot to idaho, it
just depends on whom you ask,
if someone likes the first releases
then they are partial to berry,
if someone likes the most recent
then they may like more seta
either way it's great music!
i personally think john pioneered,
dan plagerized until he sorta
found his own sound like if
you have the most recent two
alas and hearts of palm. they
sound less dark. whatever!

RE: show reviews | from Jeff B.Nov 21 2000 - 13:05

I agree with Michel, Dan Seta has made a much larger contribution, recording wise. Though I haven't been to any shows on this tour, I have seen Idaho twice in Chicago and Seta played amazingly. And as far as Dirk being a purist- maybe he just prefers Year after Year to the newer stuff, but Seta's playing is as good as it gets as far as I'm concerned. I don't know the reason for Dan's absence, but I'm sure he is missed and I for one hope he gets back in the fold sometime soon.

RE: show reviews | from michelNov 21 2000 - 12:50

I guess what some of us mean is: a little more respect for a big contributer to Idaho's music would be appropriate no matter who plays guitars while touring.
I personaly don't see what's wrong with staying in close contact with fans through this board, I think it proves they're not all that different from (most of) us and i appreciate Jeff, Dan and John for doing so.
Now i'll have a beer and a daily dose of Idaho! Cheers Michel.

RE: show reviews | from dirkNov 21 2000 - 11:11

I am not trying to piss on Dan I am
sure he is a nice guy and all,
but really.
I mean come on I do have a point
you do not see other people
that have played in Idaho posting, hell Jeff isn't posting and John isn't
my only guess is because they are
on the road and have no time,
to squabble over there contribution
instead of just thanking
God that there is Idaho!!!!

RE: show reviews | from GregNov 21 2000 - 05:09

Hey, what's with the pissing on Dan? If you think that John Berry's a better player then fine, but can't we be civil? Dan seems like a nice enough guy to me....

RE: show reviews | from DirkNov 21 2000 - 00:37

hey where do you think Dan learned
his "knack for feed back"
hmmm,maybe from Mr.John Berry?
I can't wait for the next record I
can only hope it has a lot of John
on it. I guess I'm just a purist!
And to reply to Dan's message,
MOVE ON!!! I don't see
any other former member posting.

RE: show reviews | from JamesNov 20 2000 - 17:37

I'm a fan of every era of idaho. And as much as I dig Berry, Seta is (or was, who knows) an important contributor to Idaho's sonic landscape. Although Jeff is the chief songwriter, and will undoubtedly go on thrilling us with his unmatched ability, I will personally miss what Dan brings to the table. Namely an uncanny knack for controlling feedback, and beautifuly subtle guitar textures.

RE: show reviews | from michelNov 20 2000 - 15:25

Not to be eery but let us not forget 80% of our Idaho collections contains Seta-sounds and most likely Seta-sounds are/were a profound influence on Jeffs songwriting.
Won't be making it to any of the shows this time round, but i sure enjoy reading all reviews and opinions on this topic. Michel

RE: show reviews | from Addi FadelNov 20 2000 - 10:20

Just a very short comment on the NYC's show at the Knitting Factory (long overdue, I suppose). I was completely blown away. Rarely have I seen a band convey such powerful emotions live. Unsoiled and untouched by all the hoopla that the music industry has become today. I felt priviliged to be part of the experience. At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I truly believe that Idaho is perhaps one of the most important and interesting bands to come out of the US in the last 5-7 years (along with Swell and Bowery Electric). But then that's my opinion...

RE: show reviews | from JaxsoNov 20 2000 - 10:12

Yo - Fuck a guitar player. Jeff Martin is the dealie-o. It don't matter who's standin' next to him.
My only critisism is that that they didn'y play long enough at the Knitting Factory !

RE: show reviews | from aeeenNov 20 2000 - 08:59

late post: saw cleveland show last monday (fuck chicago!); nice blend of material from years past & the present. (wishing for stare @ the sky, & only in a desert-coulda brought my sons xylophone); certain bands can draw me outta my cave........
good luck rest of the way!!

RE: show reviews | from billNov 20 2000 - 04:43

Not to be an ass-kisser because i know he's reading this, but i've seen idaho 3 times this past year-once with Dan Seta twice with John Berry. i found Dan to be much more effective in the role of the lead/sculptured feedback thing and personally felt their sound suffered a little in his absence. not to diss on John, but i'd be dissapointed if Dan isn't involved in the future. but, opinions are like assholes, everyone has them and they can get hairy...

RE: show reviews | from AaronNov 20 2000 - 01:41

Oops, I meant to say BEST Idaho show...

RE: show reviews | from AaronNov 20 2000 - 01:39

Yes, that is unfortunate. However,
I just saw them at the Euclid Tavern and hands down it was the Idaho show I've seen. Much better then '96, when they were here.No offense to Mr. Seta but Mr. Berry brings a lot of intensity to the music. I'm glad I got to see the real Mcoy. Love the new record.
Good work Jeff (and lads)

RE: show reviews | from dan setaNov 19 2000 - 22:24


I'd say your tact might need a brush up. You see, I read this board too. Also please stop shouting.


RE: show reviews | from dirkNov 19 2000 - 16:52


RE: show reviews | from a montrealerNov 16 2000 - 12:13

I haven't read all of the text above but does anybody knows what happened with the show in Montreal?
Was the one showing in Ottawa canceled too. Not to mention I was pretty disapointed!!!

RE: show reviews | from Alex Nov 15 2000 - 13:39

No problem at all. The real swell thing is that I'll be sharing in that experience in approximately six and a half hours. I've tried to get the whole town there. By the way, why isn't Dan touring with them? Does John do the same screwdriver trick?

Money's worth. | from RossNov 14 2000 - 14:57

I would like to explain myself a bit. Alex, I came across a bit heavy-handed in response to your comments. I guess I'm somewhat protective of the artists in question. It's just that in light of the turn of events leading to John Berry setting off on tour with the band and having to learn a lot of the material as they go, you have to cut them a bit of slack if the sets are short. I guess my point was regardless of their length, the sets are huge. An ocean of sounds and feeling.

I love them too, and would have loved to hear them play the entire catalogue, but what they played was awe-inspiring. It was for me, one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. If and when they come back to Canada I will travel however far to see them again.

Anyway, sorry if I bit your head off.

RE: show reviews | from AlexNov 13 2000 - 15:21

In response to Ross' response to my last posting, I must agree that Idaho puts on a very dynamic performance. At least they did when I saw them three months ago, and I have no reason to expect anything less this time around. I'm merely complimenting them (perhaps in a distinctly southern way) by insisting on a, shall we say, ample, performance of music that I'm sure I will love. I simply can't get enough Idaho, and I want those in Atlanta, where Idaho has not played in a long time (if at all), and in Athens, where they played a few months ago, to be as floored as I've been. Ta.

RE: Chicago show, 11/12/00 | from RicNov 13 2000 - 08:06

Well said, Ross... I just saw Idaho at the Empty Bottle in Chicago last night, and I can assure all of you who have yet to see them on this tour -- they are absolutely amazing. They seemed tired from traveling, but they were able to put on a thoroughly intense and powerful show. I could tell that the small (but appreciative) audience was mesmerized all evening...

They played about 12 songs, including: Sweep, God's Green Earth, Bass Crawl, Shoulder Back, Apricots to Armagnac, Hearts of Palm, To be the one, The Thick and The Thin... and a few more that escape me.

I (and about 25 of my "closest friends") definitely got my seven bucks' worth. I urge all fans in upcoming tour stops to get the word out. Support Idaho... there just isn't another band like them out there.

To Jeff and the band: Thanks for stopping back in Chicago. Great show!

RE: 'Idahodown' | from RossNov 13 2000 - 06:18

Not to get defensive, Alex, but think about what you just said. You're already to complain about a short set. For five or six bucks, no less. Think about this for a second. Idaho drove all the way to Ottawa, Canada, and they were charging five bucks at the door. A band that is clearly brilliant and groundbreaking, drove thousands of miles to play for five Canadian dollars (Pesos). If anything I can assure you, wether they play a short set, or they keep you there until four am, you will get your fucking money's worth. Either way, you will have a rich and moving experience. Like Dave has expressed, an Idaho show is unlike any show you've seen. Subtly powerful. You will be moved. They play their hearts out. I would have paid ten times what I did to see them.

RE: show reviews | from AlexNov 12 2000 - 21:40

They better not be planning any of that "short show" nonsense when they get to Athens and Atlanta. We're quite prepared for an epic evening Idahodown, even if they've got to slow the songs down even further to give it to us. I want my five or six bucks worth!

RE: show reviews (windsor!) | from daveNov 10 2000 - 20:19

the windsor show was by far the best show i have ever seen in windsor...if not anywhere..

they played 'BASS CRAWL'! for the first time ever live... 'jump up' was euphoric. the whole room was blown away..

this band is one of the most powerful live acts i have ever seen.. all without screaming or breaking a guitar or setting anything on fire... pure emotion..

i am so thankful to have discovered this band and enjoy introducing them to countless people ...

go see them. they will destroy you and leave us all bleeding for more..

and to top it off.. they are four of the nicest guys i have ever met...

one of the best nights i have had in a long long time..

thanks guys.
i'll see you in the spring..

ps. the room was so moved that we enticed them to do two full encores... playing songs that they thought they could not play anymore.. and smiling all the way through.. pure magic..

The Ottawa show. | from RossNov 09 2000 - 13:19

Attending an Idaho show was something that I had feared I might never have the opportunity to do. But just as fate can sometimes accost you with misery, it can also shine a little fortune your way. This was the case last Sunday.

Idaho was booked, last minute, to play a show at a small club in Ottawa. So after years of hearing Idaho swell from my stereo speakers, I would now be face with the source. I painted my basement the afternoon before the show, and I had trouble believing that I would actually be seeing them for real.

9:46 eventually arrived in typical Christmas eve fashion. I had the pleasure to meet Jeff, John, Brian, and Johnny. It was quite the thing. They were very gracious in light of my starstruck gushing. They quietly took the stage and I watched wondering what it was going to be like.

I suppose it would be hard for me to speak objectively of artists that I so admire. Fine. Anyway, the show was fucking astounding. I've spent the days since trying to recapture this wonderous spectacle that I had beheld. Jeff topped the show off the show with his guitar strap on his head to play high on the neck of his legendary four-stringer on Jump Up.

I remember Jeff asking for a little help from the sound guy, but it sounded flawless. The band delivered the set quite competently. Sand outs included their execution of the beautiful A Sound Awake, Run But You Ran, God's Green Earth, and Hearts of Palm. The grand finale was one of my all time favorites (that according to Jeff, he once vowed he'd never play again) Forever.

I could go on.

It's enough to that it was the greatest show I've ever seen. At the time of the show I was in a state of euphoria, I would kill for a set-list. They're such an awesome outfit. I would suppose, however, if you're reading this here, you already knew that.


RE: show reviews | from christianNov 07 2000 - 23:06

re: knitting factory, nyc show:

my first idaho live experience. everything i wanted and more. long set, decent sound. jeff and john's playing were good, and jeff's singing was a real surprise.

a fairly wide array of songs reaching all the way back to the early days, including "skyscrape."

the band was good. the only sore point i have is w/ the bass player, who decided to tune his guitar right in the middle of jeff's solo performance -- out loud!

the best show i've seen in a long time. and i see quite a few living in nyc...

RE: show reviews | from GregNov 07 2000 - 05:46

Caught the Toronto show last night, and was surely not disappointed. After sorting out some wobbly reverb early in the going, the band played a solid set that was heavy on the quiet matieral.

It's so refreshing to see a club show where the audience is so enrapt, maintaining near silence in between songs (with the exception of a few loudmouths who yakked straight through the performance, but I digress.)

Jump Up and Hearts of Palm (to name but two) were awesome, and Jeff was very accomodating regarding requests. I had to go a little early, but I got to hear To Be the One near the end, and it was the perfect cap on a great show.

Entirely worth missing sleep and being a zombie at work today!

RE: show reviews | from markNov 02 2000 - 07:44

just saw the show at the Middle East in Cambridge last night. i was wondering why the set was so short but i guess that's already been covered in previous posts. the show was great and i was overjoyed that 'sweep' was played... easily one of my favorite songs. an audience member made a "happy" ballon hat for Jeff but the bass player ended up wearing it. it was truly stylish. it was nice to see Idaho again after such a long time. the last show i had the privedge of seeing was at the Middle East (downstairs) in late summer of '96. that was also a great show but unfortunately i couldn't stay for the whole thing as i was playing upstairs!

RE: show reviews | from adamNov 01 2000 - 08:53

for those of you who think the sets are too short, the new members joined the band for the tour only a few weeks before it started. So they only had time to learn a few songs and that's it. Jeff told us this at our show, the nyc knitting factory show, because we called him back for like five minutes for an encore. When he came back he did 2 solo guitar sets and then they faked thier way through one from al old album, the title escapes me at the moment, but it still sounded great because they kinda knew how it went. Jeff also said that they planned to learn these other songs on the way to ontario for those shows, so you chaps in canada may be in luck. But my show lasted a good hour and 20 minutes and jeff stayed after to chat with those who wanted to meet him. He was a really great guy and makes me love the band all the more.

RE: show reviews | from GregNov 01 2000 - 06:19

Sounds like the sets are generally pretty short. Only eight songs? What's that about? Jeff, you guys have a wealth of great material. How come you aren't doing two hours?

Just curious, and still greatly looking forward to the Toronto show next week.

RE: show reviews | from DaveOct 21 2000 - 13:17

Will - you should've scared her off
with something totally lame, like
doing the Macarena while doing the
Running Man. Or you should've done
that breakdancing stuff, like the
worm, but standing up and smiling.
You got rid off her though, and
that's the bottom line. Nice work,

RE: show reviews | from williamOct 21 2000 - 08:12

B.Bridges-i was at that show too, and i think i know the girl you are talking about. about halfway through the show she started grinding on me and told me not to be "such a stiff". i had to laugh and told her to get the hell off of me. she must have thought i was Patrick Swayze. i never thought i'd be propositioned to dirty dance at an idaho show...

RE: show reviews | from williamOct 21 2000 - 08:04

al pastor-that song was "Shoulder Back". its only available on the Buzz Records Spring '98 sampler as far as I know. I'm not sure, but i think may have spoken to you at in-store at Reckless Recs based on the Tempe, AZ reference in yor post...

RE: show reviews | from DaveOct 21 2000 - 02:16

B. Bridges and Big Al - thank you
for the details! It's great to
hear what's goin' on. Seth and I
are still anxiously awaiting to
see "Seattle" pop up on the tour
list 'cuz as of now it's still not

Say Dan, any news on that EP? I
know it can't be coming out anytime
in the immediate future and all
(due to the tour, of course), but
do you have any ballpark estimates
on a release date? Spring, perhaps?
Whenever it is, I want a heavy dose
of your feedback on there!

chicago show @ schuba's | from al pastorOct 20 2000 - 21:26

I attended the Schuba's show in Chicago and made a digital minidisc recording from the audience with a handheld electret condenser stereo microphone. I'm familiar with their material from "Year After Year" through "Hearts Of Palm" and there was one song they played that night that I assumed at the time was on the new disc, but soon found out it was not. The order of songs was as follows: 1) Jump Up, 2) Run But You Ran, 3) ????? - lyric started out as "It's a lot like you...", 4) Hearts Of Palm, 5) Get You Back, 6) Yesterday's Unwinding, 7) A Sound Awake, and 8) Forever. If anyone can identify song #3, which was excellent, let me know. I'm wondering if it's from the new material Dan or Jeff mentioned that didn't make the new CD, soon to be released as an EP.

Admittedly, I was really disappointed with Dan's absence, the obvious "learning curve" aspect to the performance given Dan's last-second substitution with John Berry (with some guitar lines dubbed in), and the short set (which I anticipated). Despite these significant handicaps, they surprisingly managed to salvage a respectable show. After speaking with Jeff at the above and Reckless Records shows, the problems encountered at Schuba's will be resolved by the time their show at the "Empty Bottle" (11/12, Chicago, although still not posted on their website) rolls around, which I am eagerly awaiting. I am hoping it will live up to the last and only other time I saw them (with Dan) back in the spring of 1995 at Gibson's in Tempe, AZ, where they blew me away as an opener for Cranes.

RE: show reviews | from danOct 20 2000 - 16:37

I don't mean to sound like the pissy
guitarist that I am, but that screwdriver
trick is mine from around the time
of the Three sheets recording. Get you
back was recorded live with everyone
in the downstairs studio and me upstairs
in the control room with the screwdriver
and the mxr phase 90. I guess that is
only fair as my first tour with Idaho
was spent mimicking the things that
John did on the first couple of records.

RE: show reviews | from B.BridgesOct 20 2000 - 15:28

Alright, the first song they played was Jump Up off Alas, and in order for Jeff to perform the song he took his guitar strap, removed it from his shoulder, and then strapped it to the top of his head so he could play the chords. They played Yesterdays Unwinding off that record also. They played two off of Three Sheets And one from This Way out. Berry used this screwdriver and rolled it on the back of his guitar's neck to produce this awesome feedback. They played two other songs off the new record, I think. I'm goin back to Chicago to see them in early November. And you know I'm a fan because I drove my noisy ass Jeep Wrangler damn near four hours to see them from Indianapolis to Chicago. Chicago fans showed no love, my friend and were showin mad love though, and this Chi-town girl walked up to me and asked if I was a groupie. I turned to her and said "A groupie, Why don't you buzz off back to the bar where you belong, can't you see I'm trying to enjoy the show", you see, people in Chicago are jaded from all the bands who tour through their dirty city unlike Indianapolis where all the good bands skip over us like nobodys business. Anyway catch'em if you can.

RE: show reviews | from DaveOct 19 2000 - 20:45

C'mon, Beau! More details already!
What songs did they play? Any
oldies? How's John Berry sounding?
What does Jeff's hair look like?
Was John wearing a Dan Seta mask?

RE: show reviews | from B.BridgesOct 19 2000 - 15:53

Freaking amazing!!!

write something people | from EliotOct 19 2000 - 10:50

Come on people, I want to hear about some shows. They aren't coming up my way.

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