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RE: CSI | from Karyn D. Aberdeen.Oct 20 2003 - 16:16

aww - nice one mplaster. that was mighty swell of you to reply. i will go out and buy it tomorrow. thats a def. remember him vaguely from the eighties pop scene. he's a great voice on him.

cheers - much appreciated

RE: CSI | from mplasterOct 20 2003 - 14:54

that was his very first solo album after leaving Japan. it's called Brilliant Trees. it is a great album, and seriously, not one of his best at all. i say that only to emphasize how amazing his other releases have been. everyone on this list should at least own "Gone to Earth." 'Secrets of the Beehive' is another great album.

RE: CSI | from DonnieOct 20 2003 - 01:37

What's the LP with " rec guitar" and Nostalgia" on it? That ones AMAZING!

RE: CSI | from mplasterOct 19 2003 - 22:12

heya folks. Sylvian Afficionado here... it's David Sylvian from Dead Bees on a Cake. the song is called "Darkest Dreaming."

sorry to burst your Idaho bubbles. sylivan is still another great artist for those who havent ever heard his stuff... check him out...


Re:CSI - to alex | from KDOct 19 2003 - 20:28

Hi Alex
cheers for the reply. im sure its Jeff Martin. If not then it's a good likeness. aww no, if its not Idaho then i cant go get it tomorrow. Its annoying they dont quote the artists they use in the credit. the vocals & the weird background sounds in it are v. Jeff martin. I'm pretty convinced its him. Maybe he could clarify that.

song lyrics were -

'stay tonight,
we'll watch the full moon rising, hold on tight,
the sky is breaking,
i dont ever want to be alone,
with all my darkest dreaming(?),
hold me close...'

RE: CSI | from AlexOct 19 2003 - 20:14

I know exactly which song your talking about. I really like it too. I don't think it's Idaho though.

Message for JM | from Karyn D.Oct 19 2003 - 20:00

Hey, veteran idaho enthusiast here. Jesus, i mustve been asleep for a coupla years or something. seems like idaho have left the underground - what took everybody so long? I mustve missed a couple of albums. so off to my local independent record store tomorrow i guess. whats with all the bullshit messages? what is that all about? anyways, wanted to ask J something directly as he probably knows the ansa. I watch CSI and there was an episode in last nite (sat). must be a v.recent one. (Features an S&M parlour - grissom falls for S&M queen Lady Heather). the song at the end is the one im interested in. Sounded pretty much like Jeff Martin to me - so, J did one of ur numbers appear on CSI recently? if so can u mail me (please)and let me know ASAP - cos i want to go out and buy the album ASAP!! - preferably 2moro! I'm pretty sure its you..could be wrong tho.Its 3.55am here and im off to bed now - im presuming ul see this in the next few hours.


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