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lost in translation - ost

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RE: lost in translation | from aOct 13 2003 - 10:45

...and smoking dope

RE: lost in translation | from danOct 09 2003 - 05:23

No apparently his tracks were, amazingly for him, recorded in a mere couple of weeks or so. The intervening years since MBV have mostly been spent producing, remixing, and recording with Primal Scream.

RE: lost in translation | from scoobidooOct 08 2003 - 08:22

I've got the soundtrack. the songs of Shields are not revolutionary, but they sound good. A lot of guitar and feedback... but very quiet. The question is : Did he take so many years for recording that?

RE: lost in translation | from YepOct 08 2003 - 01:14

Hmmmmm: Thora Birch.....

RE: lost in translation | from ckOct 07 2003 - 08:00

The movie's great. I'll pick up the soundtrack.

RE: lost in translation | from RyanOct 07 2003 - 01:52

I haven't heard it yet. I want to check out the movie first. Not that the soundtrack will spoil it or anything, I just want to hear the music with the film.

I'm also excited about this movie because I am in love with Scarlett Johansson.

lost in translation - ost | from dan6001Oct 02 2003 - 15:08

anyone else been listening to this soundtrack to the new sofia coppola movie? it's well worth checking out. the new tracks by kevin shields of my bloody valentine are beautiful, atmospheric gems. the lazy guitars of 'city girl' are reminiscent for me of idaho's 'creep around'. many other good songs by lesser known artists too.

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