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thoughts on "we were young"

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RE: my thoughts on... | from John DoeSep 28 2003 - 03:42

RE: my thoughts on... | from AlexSep 17 2003 - 11:24

That's a great show/interview, Marc. Thanks.

RE: my thoughts on... | from marcSep 17 2003 - 08:59

Really early, possible first ever live performance of shoulder back here.


RE: my thoughts on... | from KeithSep 16 2003 - 21:38

If I remember there is (was?, I can't seem to connect to it) a great version of Shoulder Back at http://www.dcn.com/contest/band_page.jsp?artist_id=4073

2 great shows, one of them is a totally different band though.

RE: my thoughts on... | from AlexSep 16 2003 - 11:53

I really like the chorus. And yeah, "This Day" is definitely my other favorite off that album.

RE: my thoughts on... | from JR OlssonSep 16 2003 - 11:36

i really like the verse on 'shouler back' but i don't quite understand (and dig) the chorus.

my fav tracks on that cd would be 'this day' and 'drown'.

RE: my thoughts on... | from RossSep 16 2003 - 06:56

That's why they should bring back cassettes.

RE: my thoughts on... | from ronSep 16 2003 - 05:53

"shoulder back." i'm terrible with song names. i get so used to track numbers.

RE: my thoughts on... | from AlexSep 15 2003 - 17:58

"Shoulder Back" is usually the only track I listen to from that CD. Beeeuuutiful!

RE: my thoughts on... | from RipSep 15 2003 - 17:55

Teeth Marks and Shoulder Back are great great songs.

thoughts on "we were young" | from ronSep 15 2003 - 15:52

i remember a while back we were discussing "we were young..." at that time i couldn't comment b/c i didn't have the CD. but it came last week, and i've been listening.
the first three tracks are absolutely amazing. i hope one day that i can have songs that never made an album that sound that good. after them i get lost until about 11. tracks 11-14, i think, are some of the greatest stuff i've heard. i need to find out what i think of the songs in between. i like them, but they're taking a while to grow on me.

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