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John Berry on tour with Idaho

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RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from danOct 19 2000 - 10:41

I don't think that Jeff and I are
calling it quits with regards to
playing together ever again, I am
just not out on the road with the
band this time. Mostly because of
commitments I have I wasn't able to
be gone that long and everyone
else was.

We spent a lot of time getting ready
for this tour and I am positive the
shows are top notch. I am sad not
to be out there playing the songs.
And I would love to see John
Berry up there playing as well, but the
band this time out is absolutely
amazing. John Goldman (bass player
from This Way Out touring in 1994
and co-writer of Goldenseal) an
amazing songwriter in his own right,
Brian Kertenian (sp?) one of the
best drummers I have ever had the
pleasure of playing with and of
course Jeff and John.

I'll shutup now.

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from DaveOct 18 2000 - 22:14

I more or less agree with Beau
Bridges. My favorites are This Way
Out and Alas. I'm also a big fan
of Year After Year and The Palms
EP, but Idaho's more recent stuff
just takes the cake. I too don't
care for 2 or 3 tracks on the new
one, but just like Cap'n Bridges,
the ones that I do like I love. I
too wish Dan and Jeff the best of
luck because Dan has helped make an
amazing band even better.

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from B.BridgesOct 18 2000 - 15:29

I'll say this, I'm a fan of Year After Year and I like J. Berry's sound. But, my favorite Idaho record's are Three Sheets and This way out. And both of those records are one's that Dan play on. I hope that Dan remains a part of Idaho because I feel the up coming records would not be the same with out that unmistakable dream rock guitar sound that Dan brings to the table. I'll admit that I don't care for a couple of song's on the new record, but the one's I like I love. I don't know about you people, but I hope that Dan and Jeff get it worked out because the future of Idaho remains with them. But what the hell do I know, I'm from Indianapolis.

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from danOct 18 2000 - 13:29

Are you a fan of the sounds on the
first couple of records? Those are
vox and marshall amps which I can
guarantee you are not in the current
lineup. You will be hearing Fender
deluxe's and/or deluxe reverbs most likely
with floor setups very much like my
setup. Jeff's setup is a copy of
my setup and unless I am wrong, John's
would be Jeff's previous setup. The
guitars have a lot to do with the
Idaho sound, but I like to think I
brought a lot of refinement to those
sounds and a reproduceability that
never existed before. I am a heavy
experimenter with guitar sounds and
pedals and brought that to bear on
both recordings and live performances
with the band. Jeff followed a lot
of my lead with regard to guitar
setup and we came up with a very
unique dual guitar setup that blended
very well together.

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from jasonOct 17 2000 - 22:43

I'm hoping Idaho makes it to London and brings John Berry with them - his guitar sound is killer.

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from adamOct 16 2000 - 22:25

So are you still a functioning member of the band, Dan? I can't imagine it without your atmospheric guitar......Say it ain't so....

RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from danOct 15 2000 - 10:54

No harm,

I would like to explain the whole thing in detail, but I might have to kill everyone afterwards. Seriously though, it is a strange story that involves shifting tour plans, limited time for touring on my part and some issues that had been simmering with Jeff and I for some time. It is very strange after 6 years of Idaho not to be out there slugging it out in the trenches especially after a good amount of preparation for tour. I am sure the shows are great though.


RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from B.BridgesOct 14 2000 - 20:03

O.K., then that explains why J. Berry is on tour with them. I honestly just thought that Dan Seta was playing bass, being that he is such a large part of their sound. Still, they were great. I wonder why Seta's not touring? I figured they were put in a rough spot they way Jeff came across when he introduced John. Anyway, my mistake, I don't know why I thought that guy was Dan?


RE: John Berry on tour with Idaho! | from danOct 14 2000 - 15:17

Dan Seta is most definately not on bass. That is John Goldman. Dan Seta is at home and not out on the road with Idaho.

John Berry on tour with Idaho | from B. BridgesOct 14 2000 - 13:45

I went to see Idaho last night (10/13/00) at Schubas in Chicago and they were awesome. And to my surprise I noticed that John Berry was playing guitar for them, with a very unhappy looking Dan Seta on bass. Jeff had mentioned that John had joined the tour only two weeks prior to this performance, and that he had not played guitar hardly at all in over four years. The only dissapointment was that I drove three and a half hours to see eight songs, oh well, they blew me away. The bass player looked upset. Anyway, check'em out if you can because it was a real treat.
B. Bridges

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