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RE: Songs:Ohia | from John DoeSep 28 2003 - 03:43

RE: Songs:Ohia | from nopeSep 10 2003 - 16:47


RE: Songs:Ohia | from jeremySep 09 2003 - 14:01

There used to be a band up this-a-ways called Sven Situation. There's a head-scratcher. Maybe Molina's mother's name was Myrtle, and that's the Ohia clue.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from Donnie.Sep 09 2003 - 00:59

What is not to like about it lo?? And why is it even worth mentioning when the boy writes such great songs.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from AlexSep 08 2003 - 19:13

What is it supposed to mean?

RE: Songs:Ohia | from loSep 08 2003 - 18:49

why is it "brilliant"??

RE: Songs:Ohia | from JR OlssonSep 08 2003 - 00:03

it's a brilliant name.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from AlexSep 07 2003 - 20:44

I don't see how it's any more stupid than any other band name. At least it's different.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from loSep 07 2003 - 20:12

I still think it's a stupid ass name

RE: Songs:Ohia | from ronSep 06 2003 - 04:39

keith, nice reference to "high fidelity." it's amazing. i saw the movie and laughed me arse off. but the book is sooooo much funnier. someone from the burgh on here, huh? did you get some of those 4th of july doghnuts? is it mayo or mustard on that there hoagie?

RE: Songs:Ohia | from JR OlssonSep 05 2003 - 13:40

i think 'hold on magnolia' and 'farewell transmission' are two of this years best songs so far. it goes on and on. but that's how i like it. though i do not think the album lioness is good at all. just a few songs. didn't it rain is my favourite songs: ohia album.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from KeithSep 05 2003 - 12:00

I find songs:ohia kind of typical. "Sad Bastard" music, if you will. However, check out Nad Navillus's (who is part of songs:ohia) aka Dan Sullivan's solo stuff. He plays one hell of a guitar.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from RipSep 05 2003 - 11:38

Yeah, I'm from the Burgh. I thought the show was really good. I would have preferred some Lioness stuff.......

Most of their songs do go on & on... I got what I expected out of it.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from EricSep 05 2003 - 08:43

Rip, are you from Pittsburgh?

Wow I thought that show was so lethargic. Outside of the lap pedal player (who was just great) I was kinda bored.

Too many songs that just went on and on...

Would've liked to hear some more songs from the past.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from JeremySep 05 2003 - 05:05

There's supposed to be a kind of companion cd to Magnolia called Pyramid Elec. Co. out fom him soon - more in the quiet vein, like the strangely addictive Didn't It Rain. Recorded around the same time as Magnolia or a little before. As for the name, everyone, at first, naturally thinks it's Songs: Ohio...the kind of thing like calling your son Jayson....or Sade.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from JR OlssonSep 05 2003 - 03:04

i also heard molina was gonna perform with magnolia electric co instead of songs: ohia for a while. nice with a change i guess. the new cd is quite different from the older ones. so maybe he wants the band thing for a while.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from DeanSep 05 2003 - 02:22

They will: Jason loves Europe.
They are changing their name to Thingumy Magnolia Electric Co or some such soon.
I Agree with JR though: think it's a great name.
Anyone heard any recent FUCK stuff?? I had their first couple of LPs and they were fab but lost touch. They are playing UK soon so.....

RE: Songs:Ohia | from JR OlssonSep 04 2003 - 23:22

it's a brilliant name. i hope they get their asses to sweden.

RE: Songs:Ohia | from loSep 04 2003 - 20:32

what kind of stupid name for a band is that anyway?

Songs:Ohia | from RipSep 04 2003 - 19:54

Just got back from their show. Highly, highly recommend going if they are in your neighborhood.

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