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we were young...

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RE: we were young | from John DoeSep 28 2003 - 03:43

RE: we were young | from minky, nmooAug 07 2003 - 20:38

u guys jest talk shit.

RE: we were young | from RossAug 07 2003 - 12:09

I adore the disk. I'm not sure what patchiness exists other than the fact that the songs span across many parts of IDAHO storied past. I dig it in both a retrospective sense, as well as an album. I mean, I'm an album guy, and I always love to hear what "didn't make the cut." I think that there are some classics on there, that without the disc would have remained on Jeff's shelf.

Maybe it's me. I liked "People Like Us" too. John, shuddered at the mention of it when I first met him. Frankly, if there's some IDAHO to be bought, I'll buy it. I have yet to be dissappointed by any of Mr. Martin's offerings.

I hope there's a "We We're In Our Late 20's And Caroline Sold Us Down The River." I'll buy it.
No prob.

Best to all,

RE: we were young | from farmcafeAug 07 2003 - 09:11

i love wwyantm. i think anyone who complains about its "patchiness" is either unaware of the fact that it's a retrospective of unreleased work, or a complete nob (possibly both).

there's no way it should have been relegated to a strictly mp3 release. it deserves to be packaged (which was done really well by the by), and in my cd player, pumping through right proper speakers (or headphones which is probably better). stop second guessing yourself jeff.

RE: we were young | from meAug 06 2003 - 21:35

I can definetly see John and Jeff tooling around LA in Pink town cars...

RE: we were young | from JR OlssonAug 06 2003 - 06:36

and yea. i forgot. 'this day' is also one of my fav. it contains some amazing basslines.

RE: we were young | from mustafaAug 06 2003 - 05:55

I don't see what the stink is all about...Sure, WWYANTM has a "patchy" feel, as I chalk-up to the conglomeration of songs from different eras of Idaho. I think we need to remember that these are "un-released" songs from different points in time. I think it makes Idaho even more personal to the dedicated listener, due to the fact that Jeff decided to share these songs with us.
'this day' is one of my favorites. No, JR, you are not the only one who thinks 'drown' is one of the best on the album...

I prefer CDs to MP3s.

Hey Jeff, why don't you start an Amway-esque, or MaryKay-like buisness sceme where you are the fearless leader, and we are your drones? We could all go door-to-door pushing Idaho, and there could be different levels of successful sales. Every year you could hold an annual conference where the top sales people would be recognized and receive their warranted prizes.

Let's see...Level I (10 albums sold) Idaho bumber sticker and key-chain (Americans love their keychains)
Level II (25 albums sold) Idaho t-shirt
Level III (50 albums sold) Free lifetime smoothies from the newly opened "IdahoSmoothie" stands around the nation (Diversify, my friend)(NOTE: All IdahoSmoothie stands will feature your favorite Idaho songs put to Musak)
Level IV (100 albums) IdahoMusic lapel pin
Level V (200 albums) Lunch with Jeff.

To conclude the festivities, you could come out and enlighten us with your music, ala Mary Kay...

Anyhoo, keep making the music. I'll keep buying the music.

RE: we were young | from cAug 06 2003 - 05:21

i agree - I'll take a CD over mp3's anyday. mp3's are a pain in the ass IMHO.

RE: we were young | from DeanAug 06 2003 - 01:34

Def the CD was the best way Jeff. Just because there's a little inconsistency there doesn't mean we resent paying. I think tracks 8 through 11 are some of the best you've ever recorded.

RE: we were young | from Donnie DarkoAug 06 2003 - 01:29

Jeff old fruit, do you happen to have a decent quality MP3 of that majestic solo version of Creep that you did on the last tour??

RE: we were young | from JR OlssonAug 06 2003 - 00:37

am i the only one who thinks 'drown' is one of the best songs on this cd? i love the ending of that song.

i would of course buy everything with idaho. i have until now and i will continue. unfortunatly it's very hard to get a hold of idaho records in sweden. i have all fullength albums now. thanks to dean from this board and some other friends in usa. on some swedish music boards i have met some ppl that has only heard 'hearts of palm' and 'people like us should be stopped' (because they seem to be the easiest to get a hold of here) they loved hearts of palm but didn't like the live album. which kinds of made them loose the interest in the band a little. i don't really like the live album too much either but i am glad i have it.

RE: we were young | from brianAug 05 2003 - 20:53

i personally like the "feel" of WE WERE YOUNG... hearing the different periods in one collection was the point, especially since almost half the album is with Dan, Terry & Mark. and is like somone commented on upon release, that it's almost like another album with that lineup.

RE: we were young | from DeniseAug 05 2003 - 18:45

it's true...Chris and I will buy anything you do...just keep releasing it all. please. And by the way, I love the "patched" together feel of We Were Young...it's like all different chapters, and I don't mind at all skipping around depending on the mood....the songs at the end are a completely different vibe, but just as beautiful

RE: we were young | from Rob SAug 05 2003 - 17:48

I love most of WE WERE YOUNG. In fact I don't dislike any of the songs. I think it's a little harsh of everyone to critise something that we normally wouldn't have got our hands on.
You gave us some of your private stash... What happened with HOD? And when is the re-release of ALAS coming? Will there be some extra goodies on that? (hope so)

RE: we were young | from a fanAug 05 2003 - 16:55

jeff, as a fan I really appreciate you putting out everything you have put out so far.
ooh--it seems like money's tight, but I wish you'd put out "going on" on CD. that song is great. everytime I think of it it reminds me of this little special chapter in my life. it just does. just thought I'd throw it out there. peace.

RE: we were young | from Seth HowardAug 05 2003 - 15:10

I seem to rememember a while ago Jeff was talking about trying to work out a re-release of Alas and The Forbidden EP on Idahomusic.

Any progress on that, Jeff - or have you been working on any other strategies for making the OOP stuff available for new fans?

RE: we were young | from ronAug 05 2003 - 14:53

i keep forgetting that i could ask jeff himself what he thinks of his own stuff. i tend to forget that he posts too. so by "patchy" you mean that the songs are kind of all over? there's no real cohesion or continuity? hmmm. i guess in a few days i'll be finding out for myself... but thanks for your input! i feel like we've all become closer together after this...

RE: we were young | from AlexAug 05 2003 - 13:45

So I take it the new CD is already completely recorded? That was fast. For "We Were Young..." you could have made an Idaho page on mp3.com and released it there. For $50, you can put up to 100 songs on your page. 3 songs is the limit on the free package. With the money you would have saved, I'm guessing you could easily release this new CD. Lots of people will disagree with me though. Many seem to love "We Were Young..." and it's received great reviews. :)

RE: we were young | from chrisAug 05 2003 - 13:35

No way, Jeff... You tuning your guitar is more musical than most pieces of work...the patchiness of a collection that is meant to be retrospective is natural. Release everything, always...you know that I will at least buy it, and Denise...

RE: we were young | from jeffAug 05 2003 - 13:11

i agree about the patchiness. i wish bill could have mixed WE WERE YOUNG but i blew whatever money idahomusic had on that unfortunate hand of doom project...what a waste. i think you'll all be pleased with the new cd though.,,ive just got to fine tune it a little and then figure out a way to put it out....do you all think it may have been better to just release the unreleased songs from we were young as mp3's instead of the cd?

RE: we were young | from Seth HowardAug 05 2003 - 12:57

I do have trouble listening to everything on We Were Young in order. I tend to skip around.
I think we're just spoiled. The other albums flow together so well.

My favorites right now are "A Second Chance" and "Stayin' Out In Front" (although it's missing the little rap by Jeff that's on the Amos House version ).

RE: we were young | from AlexAug 05 2003 - 12:00

I highly agree with Donnie. In comparison to other Idaho works, it's very patchy. I rarely listen to it actually. The recording/mixing gets on my nerves on some songs. There are a few gems though. In particular, "Shoulder Back" is great.

RE: we were young | from Donnie DarkoAug 05 2003 - 08:28

I think it's patchy.
3 sheets is majestic as is Spanish bayonet.
In fact I've just fallen in love with it again (again)

Where's my trusty axe?

RE: we were young | from cAug 05 2003 - 06:24

it's great.. it pretty much covers all periods of idaho up to "levitate". in fact it's my favorite idaho album (by far) since "alas".

we were young... | from ronAug 05 2003 - 04:32

i just ordered "we were young and needed the money." i sampled some of the songs from retrophonic.com. what do you guys think of that record? what i heard i loved. that's circa, what, 1992???

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