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Idaho vs. Rachels/Matmos

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RE: the Boston conundrum! | from cambridgeSep 21 2000 - 18:14

the rachels are playing two shows that night at the brattle - the first one is at 8:00. its just up the street in harvard square, so you should have no problem making it back down to central for the idaho show. i'm glad to see idaho's playing in cambridge and not at mama kin or some other boston club on the strip. although the performance at mama kin (1996) was great there were only about eight people there for idaho. the rest seemed to just stumble in after the sox game looking for yet another beer and hoping for life to smile on them with an aerosmith sighting.

RE: the Boston conundrum! | from just daveSep 21 2000 - 06:11

I'll be there, I'm also going to the ida/low show at 9:30PM: The Middle East Presents at The Coolidge Corner Theater: I want to go to the pedro/death cab show on 10/19 but i don't think i will be able to....rats....


Idaho vs. Rachels/Matmos | from BradSep 19 2000 - 08:26

My goodness...fate fate fickle fate...

Been listenin' to Idaho since Year
after Year...but living in Vermont
I never really had a chance to see

So now I'm in Boston, and I found
out a few weeks ago that the Rachels
and Matmos are playing November 1st
(my birthday!) here. And just now
I surf over to this site and
discover...so are Idaho! Ack!

There's really no choice involved
here...Idaho wins...I mean, hell,
I'm looking at a 'year after year'
poster here on my wall. Been waiting
for this chance for waaaay too long.
But what awful timing.

Anyone else gonna be at the Boston
show? ...


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