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RE: new rock | from BlueAstronautJun 25 2003 - 20:09

Christ, there's a thread, on the Idaho board, about image. Fuck that.

RE: new rock | from BlueAstronautJun 25 2003 - 20:07

Ugly scmugly, who gives a fuck?... You wanna buy a record with great image.... get Abba in the 70's, get Madonna in the 80's; funky if you like it. Goddamn it, I don't give a fuckin pulped rat's arse what people look like. If they make fuckin sublime songs that's all that fuckin matters.

RE: new rock | from TimJun 25 2003 - 14:24

It doesn't really matter if radiohead is ugly because they are very talented and weszt is just generic radio crap.

RE: new rock | from m2Jun 23 2003 - 20:18

i'm sorry, but i just have to chime in here. however unattractive these folks may be, they aint got nothin` on Radiohead. i mean seriously... i really dig radiohead's music. alot. damn they have got to be the most unpleasant looking assemblage of musicians i have ever seen. the Ramones aint much prettier. errr, weren't.

just so ya'll know i aint tryin to bag on either of these bands or disrespect any of the recently departed Ramone brothers. theyre just really ugly, that's all.

RE: new rock | from meJun 23 2003 - 18:28

Hey...my cat's ass is cute

RE: new rock | from TimJun 23 2003 - 15:13

Weszt is pure shit, and those guys are a uglier version of nickleback.

RE: new rock | from JimJun 22 2003 - 15:50

Not bad. Now you check out mine.

RE: new rock | from JeanJun 22 2003 - 15:26

Another Jean? That wasn't me.

RE: new rock | from JeanJun 22 2003 - 14:55

I kinda like it.

RE: new rock | from Seth HowardJun 19 2003 - 18:40

Move over, Hot Hot Heat. There's a new contender for the "Worst Band Haircuts" award.

RE: new rock | from Jeff B.Jun 19 2003 - 14:37

These douchebags are uglier than a cat's ass. Is their "new rock" as unintentionally funny as their collective appearance?

RE: new rock | from AlexJun 19 2003 - 12:42

I agree Brian. However, no one named Jo is listed under the band members. The guitar part on the third sample is nice, but the rest is shit. Produced by the Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever producer... WOW!!!!!

RE: new rock | from brianJun 19 2003 - 11:33

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Do these guys have downs syndrome? UGLIEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Thanks for making my day Jo! Which one of them ugly fuckers is you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

new rock | from JoJun 19 2003 - 10:51

Go check out www.weszt.com
the music is incredible, the best writing I have heard in quite a while. You can download three songs off of the "media" page.

This stuff rocks!

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