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playing live in britain

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RE: playing in britain | from jeffreyOct 18 2000 - 22:41

we are working on the UK ...small chance we'll come over in early dec. if not then , then in the spring

RE: playing in britain | from jasonOct 17 2000 - 22:47

Central London is only about three hours on the Eurostar train from central Paris, come on over - Ali's comment is pretty much accurate for me too

RE: playing in britain | from DannyOct 15 2000 - 01:52

I see you've no UK dates at present, can we expect to see
Idaho before the end of the year ?
(Even if its just a London show)

playing live in britain | from aliSep 16 2000 - 04:11

hello !

if you are touring america, will
you be coming to britain
afterwards? that would be cool
cos then i could see you and i'd
bring all my friends as well. Also
when you use alternate tunings, do
you have a sophisticated grasp of
musical theory that informs what
you create or do you work more
intuitively just going with what
sounds good. I've been listening to you since year after year, sweep is
my favourite song ever and you are
awesome. come to london, it's good

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