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RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from lord of the badgersJul 09 2003 - 09:37

You can get a pickup that does both piezo & a little mic that sits under the strings in the soundhole.. shadow made one - i think someone else makes one too.
you can blend the two together.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from JR OlssonJul 04 2003 - 17:46

fuck off 'bored'.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from brian817Jul 04 2003 - 16:35

boring message board?

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from AlexJul 04 2003 - 14:45

If you think this board is so boring, why don't you start a good thread?

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from boredJul 04 2003 - 13:03

my god... "recording guitar", "microphone question" and now "acoustic guitar pickups"... this is becoming THE most boring message board for a band i have ever seen.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from jamie (aussie fan)Jul 04 2003 - 06:47

can anyone recommend a good amp that gives an accurate sound for an acoustic guitar..

or am i maybe better off getting a microphone for my guitar. - this may be a stupid question - but with a microphone attached to the guitar, do you still need to plug it in to an amplifier.

I just bought this guitar and don't want to be wasting my money on pickups or amps that give a crapy sound like my current electric guitar amp.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from Seth HowardJun 10 2003 - 13:20

I hate the sound of acoustic pickups myself, but for live playing they are a necessary evil.

For a magnetic soundhole pickup:

Sunrise or Bill Lawrence

For under saddle:


Whatever pickup you get, I highly recommend the SansAmp Acoustic DI. It's a great sounding box.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from AndrewJun 07 2003 - 10:36

Agreed... much more natural-sounding.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from AlexJun 07 2003 - 10:35

I wouldn't recommend any pickup. I've never once heard a good plugged-in acoustic guitar sound. I'd recommend micing the guitar. Sounds much better IMHO.

recommendations | from willJun 07 2003 - 09:25

i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a quality acoustic pickup.

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