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i need some help

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RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from RonJun 07 2003 - 05:16

amps: almost any amp company will make at least one good line of amps. even peavey. the classic series for peavey is pretty good. i own the Classic 30 and the Delta Blues. i've had some microphonic tubes in the Classic 30 twice, but other than that, it's been great. the tone is brilliant.
traynor probably does make at least one line of amps that are good. i'm not a fan of the valve stuff. i prefer pure tube.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from hiJun 05 2003 - 17:29

are traynor amps any good? i heard the custom valve series are.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from JeanJun 05 2003 - 15:39

I think Idaho uses Vox AC15 and AC30.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from RonJun 05 2003 - 15:25

my two cents: i saw RHP a couple years ago. kozelek used a tele and a guild acoustic the entire night. he had a sweet gibson ES-175 or 135 on the stage but never played it. he used what looked like a '59 Bassman combo (4x10). the other guitar player used some kind of ESP guitar (believe it or not) with a little fender combo. and as you can see from idaho's site, fender is all over there, too. mustang, i believe.
you CAN'T go wrong with a tele and a tube amp. i use a tele and an SG with a peavey delta blues (2x10). it sounds amazing!

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from AlexJun 05 2003 - 09:19

I don't really know much about guitars. I just found all that info on various websites.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from Aussie fanJun 04 2003 - 21:06

thanks for that guys,

alex you sure know your guitars.

i guess i'll just have to experiment a bit, to get the sound i like. some of those guitars aren't really affordable for me right now.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from AndrewJun 04 2003 - 12:55

Looks like a Telecaster and a Fender amp may be the way to go for that sound, Aussie fan.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from adamJun 04 2003 - 12:49

For the motorists' prayer jean and i used a combination of tele's, an old ibanez hollowbody, some crappy fender amps (ultimate chorus? i think) and an even worse crate amp from the 70's. You can muster usable tones from anything if you have a little imagination. Me, I got sick of using my imagination... Bought a custom tele and a super reverb.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from JR OlssonJun 04 2003 - 10:28

thank you for that information alex.

hey you aussie fan. i don't think you need anything special to make that sound. it'll come by itself.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from AlexJun 04 2003 - 10:00

More precisely: When performed live, MELODY MAKER: Mother, Down Colorful Hill, Dragonflies, and Moments. FIRE BIRD: Evil, 24, Strawberry Hill. DOVE: Uncle Joe, Revelation Big Sur, Song for a Blue Guitar. LES PAUL- Medicine Bottle. FIREBRAND LES PAUL- Make Like Paper, Katy Song. YAMAHA ACOUSTIC- Long Distance Runaround.

RE: That slowcore guitar sound | from AlexJun 04 2003 - 09:52

LOW- Guitars: fender '62 reissue telecaster, specimen products thinline telecaster (metal body), danelectro 12-string. Amps: fender pro-junior all-tube, fender 70's champ, 60's deluxe-reverb, and a line-6 delay pedal. RED HOUSE PAINTERS- guitars: Fire Bird, Dove, Melody Maker, Les Paul, Firebrand Les Paul, Yamaha Acoustic. MARK EITZEL uses Martin acoustic guitars. IDAHO of course uses their custom John Carruthers 4-string guitars. That's all I know. Hope that helps a little bit.

i need some help | from aussie fanJun 04 2003 - 00:31

although this may vary, what type of guitars - electric or acoustic - and what effects (if used)are on a lot of this slowcore music. For example, Red House Painters songs such as funhouse, Mother, helicopter, and other early stuff like this. Other examples include, some of the songs on that motorists ep - such as too much to ask (by ten year drought). that kind of chimy/drony guitar sound - i would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this

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