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yes! finally found it!

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RE: year after year | from bkahunaJun 07 2003 - 20:37

JR - 75% of everything I listen to (30 hours a week) is Idaho. Year After Year is the one disc I just can't get into. For straight ahead rock, This Way Out and Three Sheets to the Wind (honorable mention to WWY&NTM) get my vote. Every bit as good, though slower (but every bit as beautiful) are Levitate and Hearts of Palm. Alas is a really pretty disc (a bit too slow for me), along the same lines as The Forbidden EP. The Bayonet EP is a classic....
I am listening to Archers of Loaf and At The Drive-In now, soon to follow Built To Spill...

RE: year after year | from JR OlssonJun 06 2003 - 00:09

yea, maybe i should. i checked out that site a while back but i did think it looked pretty weird.

RE: year after year | from TimJun 04 2003 - 13:34

JR Olsson check out www.gemm.com, you should be able to get a copy of this way out.

RE: year after year | from JR OlssonJun 04 2003 - 10:21

the only record i haven't got yet is 'this way out'. i have my eyes open. but you know. i took me at least 1-2 years tof ind this one in ANY store in sthlm. and we do have alot of record stores here.

RE: year after year | from AlexJun 04 2003 - 09:20

Same for me, mustafa. I ordered Year After Year and This Way Out used at the same time. I wanted to buy all of Idaho's CDs in chronological order. But This Way Out arrived first, so that idea was down the toilet.

RE: year after year | from craigJun 04 2003 - 07:10

i agree, it's a classic. a subtly devestating album, but not for everyone i guess. i wore out my first copy and had to buy another.

RE: year after year | from mustafaJun 04 2003 - 07:07

Yes, Year After Tear was the much-acclaimed, but extremely obscure, radio-edit version of Year After Year...Damn these fingers of mine...

RE: year after year | from mustafaJun 04 2003 - 07:06

I picked up both Year After Tear and This Way Out used at the same time sometime in early 1996, without even knowing what Idaho was about. Didn't listen to them in the store, just bought them. I listened the shit out of those albums, and still to this day, they hold a very special place in my heart. I was the Idaho virgin, and that was my first time...I'll never forget it...

RE: year after year | from christianJun 04 2003 - 06:56

year after year was my first idaho record. i got it used as well, for $2, sometime in 1995. as much as i love ALL of idaho's stuff, y.a.y. (hey, that's an ironic acronym for such a dark record, ain't it) is still my favorite, and it contains my favorite idaho song of all time, "save". the impact it had on me was enormous. enjoy!

yes! finally found it! | from JR OlssonJun 03 2003 - 06:23

i have been searching like a madman for idaho records. i finally found the year after year cd. used though of course. damn i was happy!

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