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Us failed musicians

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Us failed musicians | from Lee WMay 09 2003 - 01:54

I was interested to read about a few posters here who like me are around 32 and have had a bit of a melancholy struggle with guitars and things. I am writing a novel, having had a few poems and a couple of articles published in the UK - not music journalism! - and it's related to those in and around the 'alternative' scenes, and partly concerns those of us that have a stab at a music, er, career. If any of you would like to help me flesh out the psychology, augmenting what has gone through my head, I'd be pleased to receive accounts of any length in my email inbox (not the one in the heading but frankwakeman then the at sign yahoo dot co dot uk). It was quite touching to read a bit of this in another thread, and I'll have a listen to the on-line recordings of all mentioned. We're lucky if we can find something else to do rewarding - like others here I've experienced depression (not about anything as tiny as my musical failure!) and this has compromised my efforts to salvage my creative impulse with writing. I went to an open mic show in London last night, and it was a real case of going through the motions, though I went down well. My big mistake, I think, was never having drugs! Or maybe not.... Still, as my posting implies, I'm pressing on.

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