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RE: ghost | from elliottMay 08 2003 - 15:33

yeah, i already cancelled my order and ordered one thru gemm, which looks like it will ship soon. so i will finally taste this forbidden fruit. oh, and sorry about calling all the people at amazon punks. i really meant like, punks, like punk rockers, you know. punk rockers are cool. right seth?

RE: ghost | from Seth HowardMay 08 2003 - 11:45

I used to work for Amazon, and I actually successfully ordered the Forbidden EP for a friend a few years ago.

At this point I'd say it's unlikely they could get it for you. That availability listing translates as "not a chance in hell", but it can't hurt to try I guess.

RE: ghost | from elliottMay 07 2003 - 17:33

by the way, if you want a copy of my cd just e-mail me your address and ill send you one. if the mp3s are enough, thats also cool. yup

RE: ghost | from AlexMay 07 2003 - 15:59

Actually, I bought every I D A H O CD I own (which is all of them) on Amazon. You just have to wait until they have them used if you're desperate.

RE: ghost | from elliottMay 07 2003 - 09:55

thanks for the advice on the amazon thang and also the comments on the music. i had a feeling that those amazon people wouldnt be able to get me my idaho fix. punks.
nothing but punks. i will get greasy little paws on that ep, oh yes. oh yes. oh yes.


RE: ghost | from AlexMay 07 2003 - 09:38

Very strange indeed. I replied to your post twice actually. The first reply was something like: If Amazon places something on backorder, you will never receive it. Your best bet is to cancel the order, get your money back, and wait for the item to appear on E-Bay or Gemm. My second reply was something along the lines of: Very nice songs, especially "Blind Man Waltz" and "Rest In Peace". The recordings are very live-sounding. Someone else commented on "Philography"'s chords sounding Nick Drake-ish, "Her Majesty" being a great song, and the guitars being a bit out of tune sometimes (but not a big deal really). I agree with all of this. Have a nice day!

RE: ghost | from RipMay 07 2003 - 09:18

I'm having the same problem on Duffelbag.com.

Maybe instead of filling the order, they're planning on selling them at the Idaho yard sale.

disappearing post | from elliottMay 07 2003 - 08:37

listen: my post from last night magically disappeared which is crazy. it was about the forbidden ep which i ordered from amazon.com, but is on backorder. odes anyone one know if this will ever come in? i probably should have just tried gemm, but im a little slow with these things. the other thing was this: i finally got a website up that has my music on it for download, and i wanted to see what you cats thought.


yes, a shameless plug for my band.
yes, its true. shameless.

you might wanna try "rest in peace" first. its pretty idaho-y.


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