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5 string guitars

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RE: 5 string guitars? | from jeffApr 20 2003 - 14:24

i never went thru with the project...it was better at the time to have more 4 strings for the tours ....it may happen one day,,dont know what the tunings would be though

RE: 5 string guitars? | from JBApr 20 2003 - 14:23

There really wouldn't be a STANDARD tuning. A five string guitar isn't standard...I don't think there's a solid precedent for it. If you got one, just tune it to what makes you happy - then let me know..

RE: 5 string guitars? | from AlexApr 20 2003 - 13:40

Any answers?

RE: 5 string guitars? | from what 5-string guitars?Apr 11 2003 - 20:29

What 5-string guitars? What would the standard tuning be for a 5-string guitar?

5 string guitars | from brianApr 09 2003 - 23:14

hey Jeff, just wondering what ever happened to the 5 string guitar/s you had made and why exactly you weren't happy with them?

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