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RE: No Euro Tour 2003 | from holgerApr 08 2003 - 07:06

this is very very sad. i was happy when i read that you might hit europe again and, hopefully, play in our lovely little place again. i mean, you can play here any time!
by the way, your show was voted on nr. 1 of all 80 shows here in 2002.

RE: No Euro Tour 2003 | from JBApr 08 2003 - 03:10

This is a copy of what went out to promoters...

It was sickening to watch this tour disinigrate. Really disheartening. There was some sloppy "play" on the part of a few contacts. Very, VERY annoying.
We just didn't have enough shows=money, to cover the costs.
I don't want to lay any public blame on anyone, or any place, but if you'll excuse me my FREEEDOM FRIES are getting cold....

cancelled | from WEIRDOApr 08 2003 - 02:46

Dear promoters,

For some typical reasons to explain today (not money enough for covering expenses, too many holes) Idaho and Weirdo booking are really sorry to inform you that the forthcoming tour planned at end of may – june is cancelled. No relation at all with the war. Idaho will release a new album in spring 2004. We gonna inform you this fall about the new dates. Sorry again.

Alain Meyer

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