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RE: Idaho LP's | from jeffApr 24 2011 - 22:33

I'm now seriously thinking of doing a vinyl run of maybe just 300. Offering an mp3 download with the LP is a good idea...

RE: Idaho LP's | from brianApr 20 2011 - 18:03

I prefer cds, still.
I've never bought a mp3.

I very rarely buy stuff on vinyl and I don't listen to it. It depends on the band and the release, but I will collect some singles and albums to just have them, especially if that's the only way some songs were released.

If a vinyl edition is made, it should be unique, maybe with different artwork and a bonus song, etc, and limited, with a hq mp3 download for mp3 players.

RE: Idaho LP's | from psApr 20 2011 - 14:00

Got to be on CD. CDs seem to me to be more respectful of the artist and the music than MP3s, which are instantly acquired (mostly illegally) and instantly disposed of. CDs are something bought, collected and kept in a completely different way to MP3s. And, to most ears, the sound quality of a CD is better than an MP3.

RE: Idaho LP's | from Ryan OApr 19 2011 - 14:12

I prefer vinyl and HQ mp3 or just HQ mp3.

RE: Idaho LP's | from danielApr 16 2011 - 09:04

If an mp3 version is given with the LP, it's good for me. Vinyl for listening at home and mp3 for my ipod ;)

RE: Idaho LP's | from steveApr 16 2011 - 08:24

Although I may be in the minority I actually prefer CDs, here's hoping the latest does make it to disc. Regardless of the format I can't wait.

RE: Idaho LP's | from TonyApr 15 2011 - 14:51

i don't know if my opinion will be helpful, but for my part, when i can find a vinyl version of a record from a band I like, I buy it for my collection and I don't touch it anymore so it means I buy the cd version too for my usual listening and if it exists, a third copy: the japan version of the record for the bonus tracks.

So to be honest, for me, the vinyl is more a question of collection
with all of this means (limited edition, coloured edition, reissue or not...), actually it's not really a question of sound.

Once again, it's just my opinion, a customer opinion, but maybe
a very limited vinyl edition of the next Idaho record (i mean something like 500 or 1000 maximum without reissue of this version) could be sold a quite bit more expensive without parasiting the selling of the cd version, and more, maybe it could be boost the selling of the cd version, i mean if you take in count
customers who buy the both versions of the next record.

RE: Idaho LP's | from JeffApr 14 2011 - 15:48

Would it be a mistake not to release the next Idaho record on CD? I sort of get why people are into it but the reality seems to be that it's costly to produce, really doesnt make the music sound better i.e. loss of low end and phase cancelation. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated :)

RE: Idaho LP's | from michelMar 20 2011 - 08:09

aha! mail has been sent again earlier today

RE: Idaho LP's | from brianMar 19 2011 - 23:42

Thanks for letting me know.

Apparently after an email server upgrade by my host, mail was being left on the slidingpast server when I would POP into it, and it met it's quota, when it should have been deleted.

All email should be clear now, as I just cleared out a few thousand emails.

Please try again.

and Tony, thanks for the links.


RE: Idaho LP's | from michelMar 18 2011 - 17:24

which was 2 weeks ago ...

RE: Idaho LP's | from michelMar 18 2011 - 17:23

tried to mail you brian for some other lacking items to be put up on slidingpast, but the mail bounced back at me

RE: Idaho LP's | from TonyMar 18 2011 - 03:01

I found two pictures (one of each i mean) of these LP's on popsike.com,

this way out vinyl:

three sheets to the wind vinyl:

they're pretty rare but not impossible to find, you just need to have the patience of a collector to get these vinyl's :D

year after year, this way out and three sheets to the wind vinyls were on discogs before christmas, an other copy of three sheets to the wind was on gemm at the same time and recently year after year was on ebay (maybe one month ago), i think you can find one or two copies of each sold by year on the web vinyl market.

RE: Idaho LP's | from jeffMar 17 2011 - 16:51

Wow! I didnt even know This Way Out was on Vinyl. WTF? :)

RE: Idaho LP's | from brianMar 16 2011 - 16:32

Here's a big, almost 8 year bump for this thread....

I've never had any images for This Way Out on vinyl, for slidingpast.com .

I have Year After Year, and Three Sheets..., on vinyl, and plan to add/upgrade those images already on the site.

If anyone would be so kind to please email me complete images, through slidingpast, that would be a great addition.


RE: Idaho LP's | from jason eisertMar 31 2003 - 13:23

I have everything I D A H O has released on reel to reel hi-fi!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

RE: Idaho LP's | from christianMar 31 2003 - 12:34

i have "alas" on 8-track. i'm a REAL fucker.

RE: Idaho LP's | from marcMar 31 2003 - 12:01

heh heh heh...

RE: Idaho LP's | from JR OlssonMar 31 2003 - 10:28

you're ALL a bunch of fuckers. and you know it.

RE: Idaho LP's | from marcMar 31 2003 - 05:48

'this way out', which i have on vinyl AND cd, JR Olsson ;) is out on Quigley/Caroline in the UK. As for 'three sheets to the wind', i don't know. That is now packed away in a box with all of my other cd's as they are all networked on big hard disks!

I'm now half way through the vinyl, and then it's the cassettes....

RE: Idaho LP's | from TimMar 30 2003 - 15:59

Is "this way out" and "three sheets to the wind" on Quigley Records in the UK

RE: Idaho LP's | from JR OlssonMar 30 2003 - 13:47


RE: Idaho LP's | from mplasterMar 30 2003 - 13:05

i gots Three Sheets on vinyl. :)

RE: Idaho LP's | from JR OlssonMar 30 2003 - 11:58


RE: Idaho LP's | from marcMar 30 2003 - 11:57

i have 'this way out' on vinyl

Idaho LP's | from TimMar 30 2003 - 08:59

I just got Year after Year on Vinyl, and I was just wondering if any of Idaho's other albums are available on Vinyl.

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