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Any modifications?

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RE: Space Echo | from AlexMay 05 2003 - 22:12

I just got a 1982 MSA Classic pedal steel guitar tonight with new pickup, electronics and tuners. I'm so happy! It sounds beautiful, especially with some analog echo...mmmmmm.......

RE: Space Echo | from renoMay 05 2003 - 00:18

someones been jacking off with the left hand ?

RE: Space Echo | from they'llMay 04 2003 - 12:08

"Rationality is what we do to organize the world, to make it possible to predict. Art is the rehearsal for the inapplicability and failure of that process."
-Brian Eno

RE: Space Echo | from dcsMay 01 2003 - 10:18

It looks like Fulltone is coming out with a Tube Tape Echo.

RE: Space Echo | from hiApr 28 2003 - 19:11

Is Univox EC-100 or EC-80 any good?

RE: Space Echo | from AlexApr 24 2003 - 16:36

Nevermind, I just bought a Reverse Delay and a Dan Echo on Ebay...received the Reverse Delay today. I think it's great.

RE: Space Echo | from AlexApr 21 2003 - 17:21

Also, has anyone used the Danelectro Reverse Delay?

RE: Space Echo | from BmanApr 18 2003 - 16:52

Not that I could afford it, but have any of you heard of the Guyatone Tape Echo? http://www.godlyke.com/product.asp?item=7

RE: Space Echo | from AlexApr 17 2003 - 16:29

Does anyone else have an opinion on the Danelectro Reel Echo or the Danelectro Dan Echo? I'm trying to find tape-sounding delays that fit my current budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts, Dan?

RE: Space Echo | from farmcafeApr 17 2003 - 11:34

morley evo-1's are not impossible to find, (broken models pop up on e-bay about once every month) however they are pricey. i've been to one site that lists their model for $450. i'm hunting for one too, so i feel your pain. good luck finding a good one

RE: Space Echo | from BmanApr 17 2003 - 09:54

Here's a link that might help break down the different Roland units.


Dan, thanks again for all the advice on the tape issue. Much appreciated. :)

RE: Space Echo | from THARPEApr 17 2003 - 08:56

wondering if it would be worth purchasing a roland 201 (not sure as to what features from each model are practical of if the 201 will do. reliable? Also Morley evo-1's - are they trully impossible to find? thank you !

RE: Space Echo | from THARPEApr 17 2003 - 08:55

wondering if it would be worth purchasing a roland 201 (not sure as to what features from each model are practical of if the 201 will do. reliable? Also Morley evo-1's - are they trully impossible to find? thank you !

RE: Space Echo | from ECHOApr 11 2003 - 16:40

ECHO! ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO echo echo echo e c h o e c h o

RE: Space Echo | from THARPEApr 09 2003 - 09:01

RE: Space Echo | from danApr 08 2003 - 23:36

Matchless tape delays never really came together properly. At the time they were making them I had some insiders at Matchless, and I can attest from their comments as well as playing a number of the prototypes that they never came together as envisioned.

As far as the space echo tape, I make my loops somewhere between 10 and 20 feet and YOU MUST USE LUBRICATED TAPE. It makes a huge difference on wear of all of your components (heads, tape guides, felts, etc.). There is a good thread on repairing the tape echos on the tel-ray page: http://www.geocities.com/tel_ray/ go to the Forum and choose 'Other Analog Delay Types', then choose the 'Tape delay effects' thread. A source for lubricated tape is a company in Arizona called cartguys http://www.cartguys.com.

I will get a parts list together for making the footswitch and see if I can't make a good diagram or two about how to construct it.

Hope this helps.

RE: Space Echo | from trevorApr 05 2003 - 17:28

well, these are few of the many, many delay pedals I've had.

Line6 Delay modeller: sounds ok. I like that it does the looping thing, but when it's turned on it seems to add some treble to the signal- not very pleasing. Also, there have been a couple of times that I have used it on stage where it made a very unpleasant microphonic feedback squeal. This is not to be confused with the echoplex-style feedback runaway- it sounds more like when you get pickup squeals from using tons and tons of gain.

vintage Ibanez AD9- loads the signal down just a little bit, but sounds great. Doesn't sound at all like a tape delay though.

The boss DD5 is nice and reliable, but not very inspiring.

Danelectro Reel Echo- sounds pretty good, unless you have high output pickups. for some reason it seems to clip on the front end with humbuckers or a bass.

Has anybody tried one of those Matchless tape delays?

RE: Space Echo | from Mr BanksApr 04 2003 - 19:21

Try dabbing a q tip in pure isopropyl alcohol, then rubbing it gently on the tape heads of the space echo. Continue the process until the q tips are clean. Then wipe the heads with a dry q tip and repeat process until q tips are no longer foggy. Also inspect heads for film or filth. This will reduce noise and improve overall clarity.

RE: Space Echo | from BmanApr 04 2003 - 16:48

Thanks Dan for the space echo info. Have you been splicing together your own tape loops from tape off old reels for your deck? If so, how long did you make them? I suppose I could remove my old one and just messure it...

RE: Space Echo | from Sam SApr 04 2003 - 12:11

Actually, I'd be interested in the Dan Seta footswitch course.

RE: Space Echo | from brianApr 03 2003 - 22:41

i too have one of the 80s DOD analog delays and like that for the swampier/knob turning sounds compared to the Boss dd5.

RE: Space Echo | from dcsApr 02 2003 - 23:21

The best analog sounding delay I've heard is the Chandler Stereo Echo (the first version before they changed the chip). I liked it better than the Way Huge Aqua Puss, Ibanez AD-9, or Boss DM-2. I've heard good things about the digital and analog versions of the SIB Echodrive.

RE: Space Echo | from Seth HowardApr 02 2003 - 17:22

Thanks for the Moogerfooger comments, Dan. I totally agree with you about the Memory Man too. I bought a brand new one a while back and it died in a matter of hours - sounded like crap when bypassed too.

I really like the sound of the Maxon in runaway. It's a little touchy, but when you set it just right it's amazing. I have one of those 80's DOD "Performer" series analog delays that does the runaway thing quite nicely as well, but a little swampier.

RE: Space Echo | from danApr 02 2003 - 16:55

Bman, make sure you are using the lubricated tape in them and clean your heads the same way you would any tape deck. I haven't looked at my 301 in a while but I think you can change the head positions if any of them are way out of alignment. I replaced the felt guides a while back on both of mine and noticed an improvement.

As far as the footswitch goes, I have seen them every so often in used music stores, but if you can't find one you can make one. Let me know if you need information on how to make one.

RE: Space Echo | from danApr 02 2003 - 15:53

I don't mean to sound like a spoilsport, but I think the moogerfooger is poo. I have one. It is very fancy and all, but it is made with a different user base in mind. As with all of the other Moogerfooger pedals about a quarter of each knobs settings are useful for a guitar, the rest is pure unlistenable freakout. They are made for synthesizers. Also the way they implemented the volume control pedal into the feedback is very strange and not musical (compare it to the way a Morley EVO1 does the same thing and you will understand what I am talking about). I would have put an input buffer of whatever length the delay is currently set at and then when you step on the swell pedal it would work with that buffer to start with. Also it requires an 18V wall wart or if you are using a pedal board power supply a bridged cable from two of the power outputs (even then I don't think it will work with the voodoo labs pedal power; it draws too much current). And lastly, there were only 1,000 of them made, so whatever their true playing worth, they are going to be extremely pricey if you can even find one.

The closest thing I have heard to the space echos is arguably an equally flaky analog pedal, the Memory Man. I hate the size and flimsy feel of the box and the cheap hardware, but they do get some of that freaky warbly feel of a tape echo.

The Morley EVO1 when properly configured destroys all other delays. It is like having the sustain pedal from a piano connected through 1,000 angels all singing better versions of what you were trying to play initially

RE: Space Echo | from Sam SApr 02 2003 - 06:23

The Moogerfooger seems like the way to go. It has an effects loop, and the delay repeats can be fed into the loop which in turn prints the effect to tape, which is then re-fed into the loop for more FX treatment-- sheer MAYHEM! Try it with a 3ms pedal.

RE: Space Echo | from m.plasterApr 01 2003 - 21:02

yo. Hi-Watt has a brand new model of a tape-delay machine. actual tape, you know?. some cool options to minimize tape-wear... im sure it might not compare to roland sound-wise, but looks to be built pretty sturdy for touring, etc...

check it out. http://www.hiwatt.com/data/HiwattFX.html

as for other analog delays, the big briar moogerfooger, but i believe it's discontinued now.
Electroharmonix, too.. but im not sure how their re-issues compare to the originals.

that's all i have to say

RE: Space Echo | from Seth HowardApr 01 2003 - 13:43

I second the Maxon suggestion. I have an AD-80 - very nice. I think they're discontinued now.

RE: Space Echo | from BmanApr 01 2003 - 11:44

And thanks JB&Jeff for the info on the Blue Dogs - I'll have to give 'em a try. Maybe breathe some new life into my DR. Keep the music coming guys - I can't wait to hear the new stuff.


RE: Space Echo | from BmanApr 01 2003 - 11:37

The Maxon AD80 & AD-900 (longer delay version of the AD80) are really cool - more of the syruppy Ibanez-type delay though, not so much like a tape echo. I had a chance to hear a Boss DM-2 (the Boss analog delay made back in the early 80's) and boy did it sound good. Not as long of a delay as the Space echo, but really had a good sound to it. The DM-3 is similar but a bit more flat sounding than the DM-2.

RE: Space Echo | from jeffMar 31 2003 - 22:55

i think Bman is talking about the same speaker..they are reissues of what were originally in the vox ac 30's...the blue alnicos...they help the fender ALOT..but you cant really complete the the class A vox sound.....im getting the alnicos for my long dorment ac 15 and cant wait to hear it...my ac10 has some sort of celestions in it (i think)...which gives it a vibe unto itself......sometimes the thinner sound of the fender deluxe is nive though......it can compliment the vox...does anyone know anygood analog echo boxes? the rolands are just too damn delicate to tour with

RE: Space Echo | from JBMar 31 2003 - 20:54

No, the speaker in my amp is a Vox bull dog (12 inch). I like it, but Jeff's AC 15 is sounding awfully good lately. The Fender is a bit brittle...

RE: Space Echo | from BmanMar 31 2003 - 15:33

oh, and tough break (no pun intended) on droppin' the space echo - yikes! those things aren't cheap these days. :) Good luck.

RE: Space Echo | from BmanMar 31 2003 - 15:27

Thanks john for the response. I've noticed that mine tends to get a little noisy at times and was wondering the possibility/cost of dealing with it. Dan, any thoughts?

Also John, did I understand correctly in a past post (some time ago) that you guys put Alnico Blue Dog 12" speakers in your Deluxe Reverbs? I've been thinking about changing out the stock speaker in my Silver face DR to help improve the sound, as it's seeming a little flat to me these days (compared to some others I've heard). Thanks.


RE: Space Echo | from brianMar 30 2003 - 00:24

i have the chorus echo re-301 and i was just wondering if anyone has had or ever seen the original footswitch to one of these roland echo units? any idea on cost? i never see them on ebay with any of the units.

no way | from ron copenhaverMar 29 2003 - 07:50

so the guys in the band actually write back to their fans?

RE: Space Echo | from JBMar 29 2003 - 01:47

Not as far as I'm aware of...But Jeff is always having them worked on by a guy that lives in Davis CA.
2 of them are there now, but they're just being repaired. (I dropped one about 4 feet in France)
Dan Seta might have some tips for you though...

Any modifications? | from BmanMar 28 2003 - 17:16


Have you guys done any modifications to your Space Echos? To cut down on noise/hiss or dulling of guitar tone?

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