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RE: I need help | from Alex Mar 19 2003 - 19:31

I just got "Glow" by The Innocence Mission in the mail today. I had never heard them, but I think they're pretty good. One of the songs on the album would fit on "Levitate" perfectly (if sung by Jeff, of course). It alone makes "Glow" a good purchase. It's very easy to find cheap, too. I got it on Amazon for $3.00.

RE: I need help | from JR OlssonMar 19 2003 - 15:56

ester drang would be a good band to look for as well. they just got signed to jade tree and their second full length release will soon be...released.

RE: I need help | from christianMar 18 2003 - 05:19

anyone ever hear Camden? they have two records - reel time canvas and pieces of places - that are superb.

RE: I need help | from Alex NMar 17 2003 - 20:49

Has anyone heard of Buellton? I picked up their CD "Avenue of the Flags" today. It sounds across between Idaho and Red House Painters, but with a bit of a lighter feeling to the actual performances of the songs. The singer sounds quite a bit like Jeff Martin at times, and if you heard the music by itself, you'd think you were listening to RHP. The lead guitar in the last song sounds to me like a complete ripoff of "Dragonflies", actually. Anyway, other than track 9, it's a pretty good CD overall.

RE: I need help | from Jason EisertMar 17 2003 - 15:58

canyon, the letter e, patrick phelan, aleutian

AND... randy travis, g.g. allin and last but not least ANYTHING by michael bolton.

RE: I need help | from JR OlssonMar 17 2003 - 13:54

I love Velour 100. I just found them. Bought all their cds from tooth and nail. Found them through my Pedro the lion interest.

RE: I need help | from susan331Mar 17 2003 - 00:09

Wow, I didn't think anybody remembered Velour 100! Fall Sounds is a favorite of mine.

I just saw Trembling Blue Stars in Austin this week and they were great. Bob Wratten says they're in-between labels at the moment but he's still writing new material. Evidently GYBE! were there but I missed 'em, damnit.

I'd also recommend Stars of the Lid, the Azusa Plane (both instrumental guitar stuff although the former incorporates more strings and found sounds into the mix), Steven R. Smith (fascinating textural instrumental-guitar stuff on Emperor Jones) and the Bethany Curve (neat shoegazy tunes). Oh, and if you're into Arab Strap they have a new one coming out soon.

RE: I need help | from eraserheadMar 16 2003 - 17:32

James, check out Acetone. Preferably the self titled LP.

RE: I need help | from JamesMar 16 2003 - 16:38

Wow! I didn't anticipate so many suggestions...thanks to everyone...I'm familiar with some of these, but those that I'm not familiar with I'm certainly going to look into further...thanks again

RE: I need help | from christianMar 15 2003 - 17:08


RE: I need help | from helloMar 15 2003 - 10:58

alex n., i have music for egon schiele (brilliant) and stars. lori carson reminds me of cindy dall sometimes too. and the arrangements and chords are similar to mark eitzel stometimes. but not as good of course.

RE: I need help | from Alex N.Mar 15 2003 - 10:40

Good call Mr. Plaster. I second anything by Codeine. If you like chamber music type stuff, Rachel's "Music for Egon Schiele" is extraordinary. I just got it today. INCREDIBLY beautiful!!!

RE: I need help | from scoobidooMar 15 2003 - 10:16

Here is some other albums suggestions :

Lift To experience : the texas jerusalem crossroad, Windsor for the Derby : the emotional recue lp, sophia : De Nachten, Bowery electric : beat, Larmousse, The Zephyrs : when the sky comes down..., Bedhead : What Fun Life was, The Microphones : The Glow part 2, OP8 : Slush, Radar Bros : The singing Hatchet

RE: I need help | from mplasterMar 14 2003 - 20:32

Codeine - "the White Birch" and "Frigid Stars" are absolute musts. dont let the sub-pop label throw you off.
BlueTileLounge - "lowercase"
Hayden - "The Closer I Get" or "Everything I Long For".
Butterfly Child - "Honeymoon Suite" or "Soft Explosives" (a little on the happy, sweeter side, but still a genius songwriter.)
Bark Psychosis - "Hex" (r.i.p :( )
Talk Talk "Laughing Stock" or "Spirit of Eden."
Slowdive - "Pygmallion." "Souvlaki", even, although a bit more shoegazey.
speaking of shoegazey.... Kitchens of Distinction "The Death Of Cool."
Swell - "Well?" or "41"
hmmmm... This Living Hand - "Consolation Prize." Kind of a Low/RHP rip-off, but nice enough, i guess

mid- to later-era Swans maybe (a little harsh probably.but i DEFY anyone to find a more depressingly exhausting band)

ashley, cool mention on the Lantera CD. great album. that first track is one of the catchiest songs ever written. to me anyhow.

okay im tired now.


RE: I need help | from Alex N.Mar 14 2003 - 19:48

James, you may also like Ida. Their album "Will You Find Me?" is very good. I just picked up Lori Carson's "Stars" today. Has anyone else heard it? I think it's very good. The production is often reminiscent of AMC's "Everclear". Her vocal harmonies sound like Ida sometimes. And when electronic drums are used (not often), I'm reminded of Mark Eitzel's "The Invisible Man". Actually, Mark would probably sound great singing about half of these songs. Anyways, check it out.

RE: I need help | from Alex N.Mar 14 2003 - 19:40

Sorry, I didn't mean to say that these suggestions are disappointing or bad bands. But some of them don't sound much like the ones James originally listed as liking. Sometimes I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words.

RE: I need help | from JR OlssonMar 14 2003 - 16:36

I do not agree with you on this one Alex N. Though it's your opinion and you can of course have it. But you don't have to be right just because. I doubt he would be dissapointed. pedro the lion, mogwai, the pilot ships, explosions in the sky, album leaf, early day miners, unwed sailor etc etc makes incredible music and it's nothing to be dissapointed about. it'll make him happy.

RE: I need help | from pyotrMar 14 2003 - 11:42

I have recently rediscovered an old fave that you may like: Starflyer 59. Their last couple of albums are really good...

RE: I need help | from ashley bergMar 14 2003 - 11:17

james, you may want to check out the earlier material by Lanterna. that is, if more ambient, instrumental guitar work is your bag... though, i concur, Low is a mighty fine bet as well, definiately start w/ "curtain hits the cast," it's my personal fav. the 14-min song "do you know how to waltz" still gives me chills to this day ...

good luck with your search ...

RE: I need help | from Alex N.Mar 14 2003 - 10:17

James, you already listen to the best music there is, so prepare to be a bit disappointed when listening to some of these suggestions. I agree with JB, however. Low is probably your best bet.

RE: I need help | from RipMar 14 2003 - 07:57

Also try: Rex, Califone, The New Year, Trembling Blue Stars, New Invisible Joy.

RE: I need help | from cMar 14 2003 - 05:28

autumnfair, national skyline, antarctica, and of course seaworthy

RE: I need help | from bkahunaMar 14 2003 - 04:37

Godspeed You Black Emperor!


Bran Van 3000 - Glee

RE: I need help | from JBMar 14 2003 - 02:18

For your taste:

Low "The curtain hits the cast"

Mogwai "EP+2"

and of course, everything by CRASS or PANTERA !

RE: I need help | from JR OlssonMar 14 2003 - 01:45

I think you should go for Damien Jurado, Pedro the lion, TW Walsh, Seldom or Velour 100.

here's your chance | from JamesMar 14 2003 - 01:12

I've got money to spend, and I'd like to do so by discovering new music I hadn't previously been made aware of. Please, I need suggestions.

Some of my favorites that I've noticed many of you also enjoy include, obviously, Idaho, but also Red House Painters, American Music Club/Mark Eitzel, Spain, Songs: Ohia, Iron and Wine, Lucero, Hayden, Nick Drake, Rainer Maria, Rocking Horse Winner, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Wheat, and many more.


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