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Cat Power Sucks

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RE: Cat Power Sucks | from nopeSep 29 2003 - 22:47


RE: Cat Power Sucks | from John DoeSep 28 2003 - 03:43

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from JR OlssonJul 31 2003 - 12:53

i'd really want songs: ohia to get all the way to cold sweden. i think the new album is fantastic. 'farewell transmission' and 'hold on magnolia' are my fav tracks on it.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Donnie DJul 31 2003 - 02:22

He tends to do different sets each night, different sounds each tour thang a la Will Oldham.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from RipJul 30 2003 - 21:13

The "Hello" video (with the blind girl sculpting Lionel's face) defines sadcore. Mark Kozelek and Jason Molina can't hold a torch to that!!!!

Has anyone attended any Songs:Ohia concerts lately? I'm looking to check them out and was wondering what the set list looks like.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from cJul 30 2003 - 06:19

i'm a huge lionel richie fan - he was the pioneer of slowcore/sadcore. you can hear his influence in idaho's music.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from AlexJul 29 2003 - 22:48

It's not just the slowness factor, but the general style of music and a similar emotional heaviness as well. Groups categorized as slowcore or sadcore also tend to tour together. Naturally, people will tend to "lump" them together. Many who enjoy RHP often enjoy AMC or Low or Idaho. I've yet to hear anyone else on this message board mention Lionel Richie.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from sledmedJul 29 2003 - 20:47

Moon Pix was a good record. Interesting compared with what else was going on at the time. Her new album SUCKS. Stupid whiney drivel. Sorry, Chan. Nobody cares.

Request: will you lameasses quit lumping I D A H O in with Low, Red House Painters, Cat Power, and the like? I don't see that they have anything in common except that they've recorded some "slow songs." Fucking Lionel Richie recorded slow songs too. There's a lot of music going on out there to compare to without resorting to some weak categorization that some pimply GED part-time metal-rag critic came up with between Bud Dry binges.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from glowpusherJul 28 2003 - 11:09

Moon Pix is pretty good, but not great. I HATE covers so I didn't get that one. Saw her the gig here Tucson and actually it was a very good concert - no mumbling, very coherent and into the music. A good day for her I guess - or no mushrooms!

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from BlueAstronautJul 25 2003 - 14:44

Shoo, you have great taste...

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from BlueAstronautJul 25 2003 - 14:43

So, I suppose I have damned it with faint praise. Oh well...

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Shoo-shanJul 23 2003 - 22:07


RE: Cat Power Sucks | from BlueastronautJul 23 2003 - 18:44

Got given a tape of "you are free" with a photocopy of the lyric sheet a little while ago. Thought it was ok, but better than in a "damned with faint praise" kinda way. Can't say it's a record I go back to much, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's ok.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from jeffJul 23 2003 - 10:58

yeah i have to say the show i saw here in la was really strange...i heard a rumor that she and a couple of other bandmates were on mushrooms....that takes balls! sitting through the show was painful as she babbled on about nothing for long stretches...every song sounded exactly the same. she seems to have gotten stuck in this one style of vocal delivery that is really self indulgent and lugubrious. ..i know myself how hard it can be to make a live show work but this seemed like nobody really cared. they seemed really bored. i m all for repetition but these songs went nowhere and went on incessantly. lots of talent there though despite all this

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from JeanJul 23 2003 - 10:49


RE: Cat Power Sucks | from adamJul 23 2003 - 09:26

Chan Marshall makes decent records with occasionally brilliant songs. She sucks live. Which is okay. Better a band suck live and make great records than the other way around.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from DanJul 22 2003 - 11:59

I've watched this thread run and run for some time... I actually saw Cat Power last month on their UK tour.

The performance was erratic to say the least. Chan was constantly mumbling about god knows what, and if I recall correctly there was a good 10 minutes devoted to Chan demanding that a friend of hers went to the toilet. To add insult to injury, Chan's guitar sounded really muddy - just like the one my Mum bought me for Christmas from the Empire catalogue when I was 10.

I've never been so bored at a gig.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from droolerJul 22 2003 - 09:09

Her music ain't bad, but her butt is scorching. I got me a pikcher round here that's seen some action. If you know what I mean? Uh huh!

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from JR OlssonJul 22 2003 - 08:34

i have heard only one album by cat power and that is 'you are free'. 'you are free' is a good album, don't know much about anything about this band other than that i think that record is good. i like pianos, beautiful voices and simple songs. i think it's covering that up.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from ckJul 22 2003 - 07:18

I recently purchased the Covers Record and You Are Free. I'd read the posts here and had avoided this "band" as a result, but I saw the video for "He War" and liked the song. Anyway, after a few listens to both discs, I had the feeling I get when I rent a movie that's won awards at Cannes or Sundance or whatever hip place that's supposed to know what's what, and the movie's almost over and I've spent nearly two hours trying to convince myself I like what's going on but I know in my gut that I don't.

I still like "He War," and maybe the other songs will grow on me, but I have my doubts. And I wouldn't rule out the very distinct possibility that I'm not sophisticated or sensitive enough to be the ideal listener for this music. I did once own a copy of Deep Purple's Machine Head.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from KongJul 22 2003 - 05:34

Nothings ever true or ever will become of me....or make a sense of what I see.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from BlueAstronautJul 21 2003 - 23:48

See...you never needed me...

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from AlexJul 21 2003 - 23:41

Donnie, where you at?!? This dispute's kinda funny.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from MonkeyJunkyJul 21 2003 - 23:36

YouAreFree is another bad record recommended by all my friends. What is with this stuff?

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Alex N.Jan 08 2003 - 19:25

I don't dispute that. I'm sure she's a very nice person. I just don't happen to care for her music. That's all. I didn't mean to snap. I've been in a terrible mood all week. Sorry.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from DonnieJan 08 2003 - 02:01

Temper temper.
I met Chan once and she really is rather lovely.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Alex N.Jan 07 2003 - 21:19

I was just joking you stupid motherfucker. I couldn't care less whether or not people go to see the show. Relax.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Donnie DarkoJan 07 2003 - 01:20

Go suck a fuck Alex.
Or are you only allowed to follow the title of each thread??

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Alex N.Jan 06 2003 - 14:47

I'll make sure and catch a flight out there to see that. I can't wait. Oh, wait, nevermind. I don't like Cat Power. And I just remembered, this thread is called "Cat Power Sucks." Silly me.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Shooooooooooo-shanJan 06 2003 - 00:08

For those of you in the SF Bay area Cat Power will be playing Noise Pop 2003 (Feb 25-March 5). They haven't announced the venue or date yet but the updates at www.noisepop.com are becoming more and more frequent.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from dan6001Jan 03 2003 - 11:58

Moon Pix has its moments, but the Covers Record is a true masterpiece. I'd love to hear her cover an Idaho song...

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from JBJan 03 2003 - 01:05

Mr. Martin is quite fond of her

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from S & MJan 02 2003 - 11:55

I met Chan Marshall randomly a few years ago while on a bender with my editor in Atlanta. I didn't realize it was her until after she'd gone (quite tardly of me, I know, but I was wasted!) but she seemed very nice. I haven't heard that much of her music so I can't really issue a judgment, although I have enjoyed what little I've heard.

It's so funny when people throw out the limp-wristed "you're just jealous" barb when you don't piss yourself over their favorite band as vigorously as they do.
Some people connect with Cat Power and others don't. Get over it!

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from brianJan 01 2003 - 15:02

i finally heard cat power on a tape that a friend gave me. not sure which album it is. it's not the worst music i've heard and not the best. but it's still listenable and i would again. i too did like her voice.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from JeffDec 31 2002 - 13:52

not to go against the grain here but i think she has one of the best voices ive ever heard....the music is a little repetitive yes

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from helloDec 31 2002 - 01:40

cat power = not much talent at all

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Alex N.Dec 31 2002 - 01:38

What the hell is there to be jealous of? Her voice is NOT amazing. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing great about it either. And a voice doesn't matter much to me if the music is hackneyed and boring.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from yeaDec 31 2002 - 00:26

whats this have to do with the buzzcocks?

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from I LOVE CAT POWERDec 31 2002 - 00:24


RE: Cat Power Sucks | from egg wipedDec 26 2002 - 07:44

is cat power the same as the power of pussy?

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from m2Dec 23 2002 - 16:16

moves their BOWELS maybe.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from eraserheadDec 23 2002 - 14:59

I think are two pretty decent songs on that LP. But the rest I pretty much disregarded. But hey if it moves some people, power to them.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Dan BukszpanDec 23 2002 - 07:57

I own and love "Moon Pix," but I would never in a million years call it "sadcore" or compare it to any of the aforementioned bands. I have no idea why anyone would make that comparison. I also love Slayer and Buck Owens, and I would categorize them under "sadcore" as quickly as I would Cat Power.

Maybe part of the reason I like the album is because I just heard it and liked it and nobody recommended it to me or anything, so there were no expectations to be shattered. I DO NOT LIKE IT when someone recommends something to me as being in the vein of Low, Idaho, etc., when it isn't. It makes me feel bitter and cheated.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Rob SDec 23 2002 - 06:45

I think it sucks. I don't own it. Suckers.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from ChrisDec 22 2002 - 22:04

Allmusic.com calls Cat Power sadcore. I don't understand why. I totally agree that it sucks.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from you're rightDec 22 2002 - 21:23

i kind of liked the song on moon pix with the flute, but its not that great really. it sucks compared to other stuff in my collection.

RE: Cat Power Sucks | from Alex N.Dec 22 2002 - 21:21

I couldn't agree more! Cat Power is boring, uncreative drivel. I too bought it expecting something great. Very disappointing.

Cat Power Sucks | from Cat Power SucksDec 22 2002 - 21:16

I cannot for the life of me understand why people consider Cat Power's "Moon Pix" a masterpiece. What the hell is so great about it? I was convinced into buying it, and I tried really hard to like it. But it's the worst thing I own. It doesn't even compare to anything by Idaho, Red House Painters, American Music Club, or any other "sadcore" band. I was amazed at how hackneyed, boring, and repetitive it is. Would someone please explain to me why so many people love this unoriginal crap?

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