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i am sad.

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RE: this is an idaho message board | from RipDec 23 2002 - 04:42

Great folks! I can see this scenario playing out --- This Dooluca character will commit suicide by the jerk off/aphyxiation method while listening to the Bayonet E.P. over and over. The government will blame this record as the cause for his death and ban any re-issue world wide. So all of us semi-new fans will never get our grubby mitts on it!

RE: this is an idaho message board | from adamDec 22 2002 - 18:05

Well said Tooth Pirate. Hilarious.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from Alex N.Dec 21 2002 - 14:27

Amen to that!

RE: this is an idaho message board | from Toothless PirateDec 21 2002 - 12:01

Listen, Deepak Chopra, I don't believe in karma or any other superstitious fetish. No cosmic force is going to enact divine retribution on us for telling some dirty New Age hippie to stop acting like a pretentious, self-aggrandizing ass.

If anything, God, Allah, Krishna or the twelve-armed, two-headed Wizard Troll you worship will probably put little stars next to our names in the Book of Lamb for causing you to experience a little humility.

Your “higher-consciousness” woe-is-me, look how ‘Weird’ and ‘Different’ and ‘Special’ I am cause I can write unreadable text and ear-bleeding songs might work with the stupid Earth Mothers you date, but to us, they only prove that you’re a fucking pathetic douchebag in need of an old-fashioned ass-beating.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from JanDec 21 2002 - 09:11

mature thinking of Jb and Deluca you must have learned from this situation that it aint always that good to give yourself the image of an junk who's crazier then a (fill in for yourself)I think if you wouldn't have had acted so strangly, the people wouldn't have been so hard on you, don't mind me saying but your songs are weak, very weak,but I you hadn't talked all that shit 'bout allah and your drug affaires, you wouldn't have to be so mad
Just lighten up a little and take the easy road when you want to explain your song.
(mind the mistakes, English ain't my first language, sorry !!)

RE: this is an idaho message board | from JBDec 21 2002 - 02:05

So let me get this straight....
God grew a pussy, stuck a hand up your ass and "puppetteered" you like ALF while you were admittedly DUSTED, you wrote a song about this experience and came to THIS message board to ADVERTISE..??..and praise ALLAH...???
And now your upset because some of us were a little hard on you and your tunes ?
My only advice to you is to make better decisions...
As weird as I think you may be, you are always welcome here on this message board.Don't go away mad, just grow up a little.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from delucaDec 20 2002 - 22:03

good night yall. iwishthe best of luck in life. if you are thinking to say another bad word toward me may this serve as the mirror in reflection against your hatred may karma bite ya right back... FOr real. and so ya know i am not checking this message board again. you are happy now. and i apologize again for offended anyone. humbly, d deluca
good luck in life yall.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from alex n.Dec 20 2002 - 15:30

These last three messages just made my day. Especially Toothless Pirate. That's some funny shit!

RE: this is an idaho message board | from Jan Dec 20 2002 - 11:33

If you guys all hate deluca boy, you should all ignore him and deluca for you get a life and I listened to your songs and they are crappy!!!but keep on trying, you're a good laugh

RE: this is an idaho message board | from Buckley BarnesDec 20 2002 - 04:00

TP: That made me laugh like a motherfucker!! God bless your eloquent bones!!

RE: this is an idaho message board | from Toothless PirateDec 19 2002 - 17:11

Deluca. You're a fucking vapid douchebag!! Your unintelligible rambling new age spirit fairy astral plane channeling gibberish is the sure sign of a lost ignoramous. Put down the fucking peace pipe, pull the healing energy crystals out of your ass and get an education.

I actually started dry-heaving two minutes into one of your songs.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from m.Dec 19 2002 - 07:59


someone call Merriam-Webster. we've got a great new word on our hands! Kudos, JB!!! :)


RE: this is an idaho message board | from JCDec 19 2002 - 07:04


RE: this is an idaho message board | from SiouxsieDec 19 2002 - 00:32

Now THAT's deep shit!

Disney - licious | from JBDec 18 2002 - 19:06

Dude, I can forgive the our Lords' vagina crap, but your need to edify us about your innermost feelings/thoughts about the smell and texture of your morning dump is more then I can bear. Please, small children who haven't entered their turd-centric phase of development might be reading. Don't cheat them from their own "AWAKENING" !!!

RE: this is an idaho message board | from a criticDec 18 2002 - 17:49

Hey DD,

I've listened to your stuff and offer the following:

Critique: Unfortunately the mp3's aren’t distinct enough to shield you from the inevitable unfavourable Idaho comparisons.

Advice: You do have talent. Just find your own voice, lay off the drugs, and find a good church that can help you sort out your theology. (I know that's tough in these days of corporate mega-churches, right-wing war-mongering biggots and the moral majority and what-not, but "seek and yee shall find".) Also, I cannot recommend highly enough the virtues of finding a good wife...

RE: this is an idaho message board | from delucaDec 18 2002 - 16:32

i completely agree. thanks. sorry if i offended anyone. my intentions were and are pure. i do realize that the whole "god" subject is and can be quite personal. peace be with us. deluca d.

RE: this is an idaho message board???? | from m, one of God's kidsDec 18 2002 - 15:13

yes, music can bring people together.
conversely, not being sensitive to the fact that saying something like "God's Pussy" can be really offensive to some can drive them apart.

yes, there have been some unnecessarily unkind or mean-spirited comments towards you in this thread, but for you to be either hurt, angry, or just disappointed in the comments some have made about your words (which represent YOU, your passions, your beliefs, the things that mean alot to you,) please understand that those words (which you defend) may also offend, hurt, or anger someone else on here.

my poinit? LAY OFF THE "GOD'S PUSSY" comments already!!! please, seriously. His birthday's next week and your callin' Him a girl!

all joking aside, though. have some respect (yes, respect that YOUR feelings should have been - but weren't - given) for other peoples feelings.


RE: this is an idaho message board | from ckDec 18 2002 - 09:52

I'm beginning to see the light. And who better to enlighten me than "god's asshole."

RE: this is an idaho message board | from doug delucaDec 18 2002 - 09:16

Christian is the only one who had anything positive to say. so to all ya who jump on the "normal" bandwagon, have a nice wagon ride. i am okay with typing some silly stuff about god's pussy. yall should maybe lighten up a lil???? and i do thank idaho for playing "their" music. it sounds a lot how i feel. it sounds a lot how we feel. to the dude that said my voice is horrible and out of key. sorry i am not mr. roboto. and didn't use pitch corrector. or maybe i am a lil out a key. it is better that way. out a key ill keep it so. i have a lot to learn musically... i am still 22. idaho in mid thirties. all respect. we all have a lot to learn. and ya know what it is okay to be out of key sometimes. i am a perfectionist but sometimes if feels good to just be humbly human. untouchable over polished music can turn into britney spears easily. i also take a shit each morning. and you know what, it smells like shit. it is humbling. i like it. it reminds me of how "god" is the real god. and we are all just demigod wannabes. i am just another soul living in another body. dealing with my pain, you dealing with yours. i wasn't asking for pity. i am not better than you are not better than me. this is no competition. i am not trying to "be better than idaho" that is fucked up thinking. i am not better than idaho is not better than i. degrees of clarity and i will never forget the email i got from jeff martin after i gave him "my" first cd at show. he wrote back saying. "luca, i am listening to your stuff right now. i really like it. it is richly layered. i like your voice a lot too. jeff."
heyguy that posted i try to rip off idaho... has it ever occurred that i might feel a lot like that. ya know how music brings people together. to me good music is reminds us of the source. and when you see the source. god already wrote it. we are just re-creating it. hence the term recreation. all credit is to god. we just pluck little metal strings. so good music to me sounds like they all "ripped off" god. not idaho. there have been points in "my" musical journey where i emulated namely redhousepainters,idaho,dinosaurjr. but i learned what i found to be the truth in "their" style (which was developed from bands they liked/like) and then i put my twist on it. everything we are is essentially due to experience and what we've picked up from others we admire. so be it. i dunno. i don't know shit. maybe i am all wrong. so be it. this message post should be a place for other people that feel like idaho feels to give weblinks to their music. it is only fair. . fighting is silly. i didn't come here to fight. i didn't come here to just promote myself. fuck my self. it is just a temporary illusion anyway. i just thought that it would be nice to hear bands which idaho has influenced. i wouldn't get offended if i had a message board for "my" band and other kids came on to say thanks, now listen to what i do. i am not forcing you to listen. it is just there as an offer. i am not forcing you to see god with a symbolic pussy. i was just being light. i do like pussy a lot so it helps me stay clear by thinking of "god" having the real pussy(the pussy of pussies) for which i long. Vain girls are just imitators of god's beautiful pussy. you'll see. god's pussy is the eternal pussy. where you can put more than a penis. put your whole soul. and become eternally one. on the river to.......... with ya. just like you who respond in love. lol and peace be upon ya ll. d.deluca

RE: this is an idaho message board | from eraserheadDec 18 2002 - 08:43

John Wayne Gacy, that is too funny, in a sick way, of course.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from mustafaDec 18 2002 - 06:19

I think it's time for some math:

Drug induced "divine inspiration" = X

Idaho = Y

Incoherent ramblings = A

Sympathy from self-loathing = B

[(X + A) / B]

RE: this is an idaho message board | from christianDec 18 2002 - 05:38

i know i'm in the minority here, but as ridiculous as deluca's posts may be, they (and people's responses to them) are pretty fuckin funny, and to me they're alot more interesting than the usual "check out this new band, they sound like idaho/rhp/amc blah blah blah" or "thanks for the music jeff, you really inspire me etc etc etc" posts we see around here. of course this is just my opinion. and i am not on drugs. peace be upon you all, christian.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from JBDec 17 2002 - 23:57

Dude, if you're looking for connection, you're going about it in a very strange way.

Posting:"the pussy pulls you in. the pussy gives us birth physically and then again spiritually like how your soul was born through "god's" pussy". OR
"it has opened my heart to the divine rhythm of Alf. I love alf. listen to what god puppeteered through me" OR "allah is the creator. and well.... destroyer. so good luck in life".

Sounds to me like you're channeling
John Wayne Gacy, not looking for a connection with others. If you were, you wouldn't tell the OTHERS to "open their eyes, take a shit"...or listen to yer fuckin' turd/music ramblings. And YES, you are correct. I AM showing you compassion, it's just that sometimes compassion isn't warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it's a wake up call. Dedicate yourself, for the next ten years, to your art then come ask me, or anyone else, to listen to your music. Really, how dare you...
I'm sure your a perfectly good guy when you're not dusted or sucking on the devils dick.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from ckDec 17 2002 - 21:37

I suggest forwarding copies of Mr. Deluca's messages to all the high school health teachers in America to read to their students. I can't imagine a more chilling invective against drug abuse.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from micahDec 17 2002 - 21:36

i thought the responses on the other thread were pretty tame compared to what they could have been. it was offensive. that's all. and if you expected a positive response, i must ask, what world are you from?

RE: this is an idaho message board | from alex n.Dec 17 2002 - 21:04


You're a fucking annoying nutcase. Shut the fuck up and stop asking people to listen to your crap. I listened to it. It sucks. It's not and never will be as good as Idaho no matter how hard you try. Your vocals are horribly out of tune. Please find your own voice and stop using Jeff's. Stop using this message board to sell yourself, you jackass. I probably would have felt compassion for you if you weren't doing that.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from douglas delucaDec 17 2002 - 19:12

hey JB. thanks for your kind words. you have a very compassionant soul. . we see. we are all hurt. traumatized by "life" how could we not be. it is seems unnatural to exist physically in our separate bodies. i hate being separate. it fucking sucks. and why shouldn't this be a place to come for comfort. why so cold, if you'd listen to idaho. you would here someone/s that are hurt. deeply affected. feel some pain. reach out. it is okay. i am in love. i am thankful to be alive but hopefully not for too much longer. oh and i am not stoned or cracked out now. i am sorry i wrote that when i was, but even yet it is all sincere. . i am sorry i asked you to listen to "my" mp3's. i would go right now to listen to yours if you have. i have no hate. especially for people just like me. find something good to say next time please. i am not asking for anyone's pity or sorrow. i am asking for connection. peace be upon you, doug

RE: this is an idaho message board | from JBDec 17 2002 - 18:22

Hey Deluca,
Thanks but No thanks, I'll just start talking shit.
Under normal circumstances I might go go to your MP3.com page and listen to your song. But, you're starting to creep me out. What do you expect when you come to our site talking all that crazy stoner crap? Open arms? Some people think the message board is or should be some sort of PC haven for crackpots. Not me. If you come here spewing that kind of drivel, you are fair game for ridicule.
What I personally don't Like is that you're acting hurt AND asking US to listen to your shitty songs.
After viewing your posts I can tell you that there is nothing you could write in a song that would make it worth my while. Poor you.

RE: this is an idaho message board | from michelDec 17 2002 - 17:26

dear Luca

there's so many of us playing in bands and so many of us would like to hear fellow idaho lovers' views on our music, can't you just put a post up on the thread 'our bands' and know your place, what do you expect really? You said it yourself this is the IDAHO board, and don't underesimate the interest in music of us board readers, please. be well. michel.

i am sad. | from doug delucaDec 17 2002 - 08:41

hello. i am the silly young man that wrote "bodies are weird" the paragraph that got so shit talked and trampled on. i am kinda sad to see the way people have replied. cold hearted responses for sure. it really upset some folks. but it got many replies. but not one that actually went to my mp3. site to listen to some of the songs i've done. before you talk shit again go and listen to a song like "power of the pussy" and then come back and talk shit. sorry idaho. i know this is yalls message board. you will probably take this off. i understand. i love ya all. good luck in this crazy journey through life. this fucked up rollercoaster. so throw our hands up. sacrifice to love... humbly doug deluca.arkansas http://www.mp3.com/douglas_deluca

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