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new fan wants advice

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RE: new fan wants advice | from bkahunaFeb 03 2003 - 21:01

I just stumbled across this masterpiece named Idaho as well, and got hooked by starting with We Were Young and Needed the Money. I bought 4 more discs in two days. Levitate is also a great place to start. I am listening to Year After Year right now.

RE: new fan wants advice | from nrcFeb 03 2003 - 20:50

Why doesn't anyone mention "The Forbidden EP"? This is an exquisite record, start to finish. I know it's short, but it's amazing.

RE: new fan wants advice | from Alex N.Feb 02 2003 - 20:49

Try Amazon.com for old Idaho CDs.

RE: new fan wants advice | from EdFeb 02 2003 - 18:59

"This Way Out" is their best in my opinion, but any disc is a good place to start. The new 92-00 comp is incredible. I think this way out is hard to find. I got it back in '95 and lost it but then my bassist gave it back. I tried ordering it but to no avail.

RE: new fan wants advice | from michelJan 12 2003 - 09:56

buy anything you can get your hands on. sooner or later you will anyway.

RE: new fan wants advice | from gibbsJan 12 2003 - 06:15

Three sheets to the wind, if you want something a little bit upbeat. It's a great album with alot of diversity, good place to start for a new Idaho fan.

RE: new fan wants advice | from alex n.Dec 17 2002 - 20:44

"Levitate" would be my immediate suggestion. It's quite a masterpiece. Find "Alas" as well.

RE: new fan wants advice | from Rob SDec 14 2002 - 22:06

The album that "jump up" is available on is ALAS and it's getting quite hard to find (we hope that it will be reissued soon:). I'd go with "Levitate" or "Hearts of palm".

new fan wants advice | from k-rad-bobDec 14 2002 - 21:35

i just stumbled onto this band and site from a link from the hardcore/metal/jazz/fusion band candiria of all things, downloaded the song "jump up" and fell totally inlove with it!

with this said im totally new and i was wondering which album to start off with, hopefully one that resembles the style and feel of that song


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