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RE: Live at Club Lek | from DanOct 12 2002 - 11:15

Yes - I'll be there...

RE: Live at Club Lek | from pyotrOct 12 2002 - 08:17

i'll be there. man, is this gonna be good.

RE: Live at Club Lek | from DeniseOct 11 2002 - 20:29

I will be there and cannot wait!!!

RE: Live at Club Lek | from adam in nycOct 11 2002 - 17:51

you guys, thank you so much for helping me out, i was so worried that my Streambox was the problem i deleted and reinstalled it and still nothing, but i'm going to try all your suggestions till i get it. This is why i love this website. anyone else going to the new york show this friday???

RE: Live at Club Lek | from marcOct 11 2002 - 10:51

adam, try this link


RE: Live at Club Lek | from marcOct 11 2002 - 10:46

sorry adam, the link works for me, although it does take a couple of minutes to connect.

If anyone is having trouble getting it to work, then here is a tip. At first i just copy pasted the link from the club lek site to the streambox program, and found that i kept downloading nothing, apart from a blank html document. After a while, i noticed in the source code (click on the source tab on the bottom right) that there was another link which started 'rtsp://' instead of 'http://'. I think this stands for Real Transport Streaming Protocol (although i am probably wrong!) Anyway, this is the correct link to download the video. Here is the full link that worked for me.

rtsp://streams.omroep.nl/vpro/8399298/surestream.rm?title=Idaho - Lately Live in Club Lek 18-9-2002&author=Idaho

I hope i typed that correctly!?!

I now have an email address, so if you have any problems, email me. Although please remember that i use apple mac computers, and not windows machines, and my experience with streambox was based on trial and error.


RE: Live at Club Lek | from pyotrOct 11 2002 - 09:01

Try this. I'm still trying to get it up and running, but here's where I found Streambox...


RE: Live at Club Lek | from Rob sOct 11 2002 - 08:49

Great stuff!! Top find!! thanx a billion

RE: Live at Club Lek | from adam in nycOct 10 2002 - 09:55

marc, that link to stream box is a broken one, could repost it? is it maybe wrong?

RE: Live at Club Lek | from farmcafeOct 10 2002 - 09:21

it's already been said, but thanks for posting this site. unbelievable recording quality. i've never seen them live, but now i've at least heard them in live context.

RE: Live at Club Lek | from marcOct 10 2002 - 08:04

I just downloaded this piece of software. It's called 'Streambox'. With it i have managed to download the video, and presumably it will download the audio as well. This is a Windows program, and is also a beta version. I had to restart my computer twice to get the complete file, but you people might get more mileage out of it. (I am running an emulated version of Win98 on my Macintosh)

You can find the software and info here;


I think the program ASFRecorder will only download Windows Media Player files. The Lek concert is recorded in Real format.

RE: Live at Club Lek | from marcOct 10 2002 - 06:40

I am going to try the link above in a minute, but i used a program called 'audio hijack'.


This is a mac osX program, so if you are a PC user, this wont help much...

RE: Live at Club Lek | from MonkeyManOct 10 2002 - 03:04



RE: Live at Club Lek | from Jeff B. Oct 09 2002 - 19:10

Holy crap! thanks for posting this - how did you record the songs, Marc?

come back to Chicago Jeff!

RE: Live at Club Lek | from marcOct 09 2002 - 12:01

This was mentioned a while ago, further down the post list, but if you have not been to this site yet, then do so now. They might take it down soon!

As monkeyman says, there is a whole video of jeff at the piano playing the new song, 'lately'. If you are lucky enough to have broadband, then the quality is really good. There are also five other songs being streamed in real player format.

I have recorded the songs, but can't find a way to record the video. Any ideas?

Concert recording link | from MonkeyManOct 09 2002 - 06:19

Check this out....


My real player doesn't work so I can't comment on the quality. However, there's a picture from the gig of Sir Jeff at a REAL piano which bodes well!!!

BTW, I was one of the few people at the London show- I was debating whether to go or not. Bloody glad I did now, I've not been to such a quality gig before. Thank you Idaho!!

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