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RE: italian gigs | from lucaOct 09 2002 - 03:14

thank you trans guy!!! now can you translate all the english forums in italian language???????

RE: italian gigs | from dino 2(bad translation)Oct 08 2002 - 11:30

Beh would be 2 Decembers Milan and 3 Decembers Modena Joseph Arthur that e' not to lose to my warning

RE: italian gigs | from trans guyOct 08 2002 - 11:30

no secrets in the family

RE: italian gigs | from luca (translation roughly)Oct 08 2002 - 11:29

beh... boys... today from mine pusher of confidence arrive a copy from do not know where of we were Young...!!! in the same package are low and next week sigur ros...!!! on purpose to who he interests the concert of the fantastic Icelandics? Florence or Milan? we keep ourselves in contact, is rare to find friends from the tastes což searches to you!!! hello Gerald and maximum!!!

RE: italian gigs | from dino (translation of above)Oct 08 2002 - 11:28

Hello Federica unfortunately e' thus also this time e' jumped all... and to say that not e' before the time that they try to us... To my opinion e' guilt of theirs manager Swiss that does not succeed to organize Italian dates seen the high cost that it asks for every date and we say also verita' the effectively how many persons could attend one they exhibition? We console ourselves with their discs: I lli have all if you want we can also exchange some masterizzazione

RE: italian gigs | from dinoOct 08 2002 - 04:13

Ci sarebbe 2 dicembre milano e
3 dicembre modena
Joseph Arthur il che non e' da perdere a mio avviso

RE: italian gigs | from lucaOct 08 2002 - 03:46

beh...ragazzi... oggi dal mio pusher di fiducia arriva una copia da non so dove di we were young...!!! nello stesso pacco c'Ť low e next week sigur ros...!!! a proposito a chi interessa il concerto dei fantastici islandesi??? firenze o milano???
teniamoci in contatto, Ť raro trovare amici dai gusti což ricercati!!!
ciao gerardo e massimo!!!

RE: italian gigs | from dinoOct 07 2002 - 22:49

Ciao Federica
purtroppo e' cosi' anche questa volta e' saltato tutto ...
e dire che non e' la prima volta che ci tentano...
A mio parere e' colpa del loro manager svizzero che non riesce
ad organizzare date italiane visto
l'alto costo che chiede per ogni data e diciamoci anche la verita' effettivamente quante persone potrebbero presenziare una loro esibizione?
Consoliamoci con i loro dischi : io lli ho tutti se vuoi possiamo anche scambiarci qualche masterizzazione.

RE: italian gigs | from federicaOct 07 2002 - 15:14

ok,now i've read the old emails about european tour...all the "two"
italian dates has been cancelled....poor italian fans.

what's the problem? you need a serious agency here;i'm getting frustrated, no gigs, no cds (everytime i've try to order something happened)

help needed | from federicaOct 07 2002 - 15:05

there's anybody who know if idaho really are going to play in italy next week end????

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