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amazing oberst

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RE: bright eyes | from elliottOct 01 2002 - 13:41

saw the bright eyes orchestra in chicago a few weeks back, and i wanted to pump my fist and yell rock n' roll repeatedly it was so inspiring. the songs are powerful enuff to stand on their own, but the 13 piece band really drove it home with horsepower.

RE: bright eyes | from EmilieOct 01 2002 - 11:48

I know, what a great song.

RE: bright eyes | from ConnorOct 01 2002 - 03:16

this boy was writing amazing songs when he was 14. Check the lyrics to A perfect sonnet.

RE: bright eyes | from EmilieSep 30 2002 - 14:36


They just came in Montreal one week ago and I'm still astounded...
First, because they came in Montreal, (the montreal's musical scene, sucks like hell (and thats why im so impressed that Idaho is coming)
Second, because I was a fan of the so talented Oberst since a while...

And now I just keep listening to his new CD over and over, remembering when he was playing that song and bla bla bla...
The concert was just fucking awsome with all these musicians on stage, almost drunk...

Well, it was a memorable night, everything was perfect...

What a great show!


amazing oberst | from sSep 30 2002 - 13:37

i just saw these guys play last night and i'm completely blown away. that has to be hands down best show i've ever seen. Conor oberst is so fucking brilliant...21 years old. i wonder if i shouldn't just resign my self to toilet cleaning for the rest of my stupid life. but, anyway, i'm rambling. i was just wondering if anyone else saw them on this tour with the whole orchestra and stuff, three drummers. i was actually surprised they even made it down here. Miami, butt fuck, you know, no body ever comes down here. -s

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