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RE: sept. 18th vpro radio netherlands | from SandraSep 21 2002 - 05:27

he guys,

the performance was really beautiful and that for free! although i must say that Malcolm Middelton from Arab Strap was not too bad also :)

too bad that i did not hear Wondering The Fields, one of my favourites!



tune in | from michelSep 16 2002 - 03:48

this wednesday evening idaho will play a radiosession -don't ask me how many songs- in amsterdam as we all know. I will be there ofcourse, but for all of you who will be not i found out the programm will be broadcasted on the net as well. starting time 10:00 pm ansterdam time, site: www.3voor12.vpro.nl/clublek
if you miss it, all will be there on demand for some time.

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