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this guys amazing

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RE: rufus wainwright | from Sam SSep 11 2002 - 05:22

I hear you, Seth-- I can't relate to him at all. I try to be open to different styles, but I just can't do it here. He gets on my nerves.

RE: rufus wainwright | from scoobidooSep 11 2002 - 00:29

I agree with Seth. I've got the two Rufus Wainwright albums and there is no comparison with Idaho. The firt album was fun, with Van Dyke Parks's arrangements. But the second album is too boring...

RE: rufus wainwright | from Seth HowardSep 10 2002 - 20:27

I can't stand him, and I don't really see how anyone could say that he sounds remotely like Idaho.

RE: rufus wainwright | from RossSep 10 2002 - 18:52

Yeah, I'm sure that he sounds much like IDAHO... but the guy is a gifted signer/songwriter. I was blown away by his interpretation of "He Ain't heavy, he's my brother." He managed to improve on an already classic song. Not many covers do the same.

this guys amazing | from aliSep 09 2002 - 18:54

hi team, have any of you discovered rufus wainwright yet ? his "poses' album is amazing and he's a bit like (more recent) idaho with his vocal drawl and inventive musicianship, id reccomend you try check him out

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