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RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from Triple DSep 19 2002 - 17:05

Christian- Right on to Kitchens of Distinction. And kudos to whoever listed Pale Saints. I've recommended them before, but try Morella's Forest on for size. Heavy heavy fuzz and a lot of fun.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from DeanoSep 16 2002 - 01:11

And for those of you still hooked on that big swirling overdriven sheogazing guitar thang: check out lift to experience live.

two more unsung heroes | from mplasterSep 13 2002 - 14:18

okay, these maybe arent "showegazers," per se. but anyone who was into that whole scene may have as well heard of these: firstly, LOWLIFE. for those not in the know, lowlife is the original Cocteau Twins bassist Will Heggie (only appeared on Garlands) and frontman Craig Lorentson, one of the best male voices. anyhow, lowlife was one of those bands that never really fit in because there was no place for them to fit. not foofy enough to be etherial (especially considering the footsteps in sure they were expected to follow in, being ex-cocteaus and all) and too melodic and too-unique-for-their-own-good (songs with SIX bass guitar tracks and no other instruments - well, drums & vox) but anyhow. man they rocked. then San Antorium came out which alotta people in the Lowlife know (all twelve of them im sure) didnt really like. too 'electronic' i've heard. it is simply amazing. i fyou EVER happen to see any lowlife, especially 'san antorium,' BUY IT!

okay and secondly, BUTTERFLY CHILD. i dont know what to say about this guy. freakin amazing. around the time of the oversaturated 'lets-see-how-many-distortions-and-chorus-pedals-we-can-run-our-guitars-through" phase, BC came out with an odd, poppy kinda thing which im sure sounded weak next to heavy hitters like MBV or Swervedriver. but he writes the most beautiful songs, earlier stuff you could tell was somewhere in that scene, only more subdued, but as he's gone on it's gotten much more grand, sometimes in a sense like a not-so-dark or minor-keyed Bark Psychosis. pretty stuff. very uplifting in a way, yet deep and intricate.

sorry im babbling on and on. i dont get out much. anyhow, check out butterfly child at www.butterflychild.com. there used to be a lowlife site (k-designs, the one that used to do the Red House Painters site) but it's gone now.

okay. eat an orange today

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from DeanoSep 13 2002 - 01:04

Talking of such: has anyone caught them on the new tour yet?? What sort of show are they putting on??

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from hEFFeSep 12 2002 - 16:23

SoUNDs LiKE IDaHO ON tHe hearTs oF PAlM ToUR and EvEry suBseQuent ToUr thereAfter...Not that HEFFe IS cOmplaining At AlL. I'Ll takE IdAHO LIVe ANyWay i CAn GeT'Em.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from PeterSep 12 2002 - 11:07

Revolver - best thing they did by far was the first single, 'Heaven sent an angel', an absolute classic. Nothing they did after that was half as good, not even that track with the Didgeridoo solo in it!! I remember seeing them live at the Camden Underworld once and feeling cheated because they used backing tapes - they obviously realised they couldn't reproduce their studio sound on stage without artificial assistance.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from alistair gSep 10 2002 - 15:14

thanks team, wow, a band containing members from revolver and the drop 19s ? the world needs more shoegazing message boards

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from terminalbSep 10 2002 - 10:25

And the link between the previous two messages would be Hotrod with Paula Kelley from the Drop 19's and Mat Flint from Revolver.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from dESep 10 2002 - 06:53


Yeah, Revolver had another album called baby's angry, which was released a year earlier.

Cold Water Flat was certainly their most realized album, and "Wave" is my hands down favorite.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from alistair gSep 09 2002 - 19:44

hello dE, revover were great, i mentioned them in that other topic on this message board on ones favourite albums, ive only got cold water flat but i love "shakesdown" and "i wear your chain", did they make any other albums because i dont really know anything else about them

noones mentioned drop 19's i liked "deleware", and the sarah records bands, blueboy were tops, they were a bit like revolver, check out "unisex"

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from dESep 09 2002 - 19:31

I would be remiss if I didn't give props to The Catherine Wheel.

Rumors are Rob Dickinson is coming out with a solo album in '03.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from Righty-OSep 09 2002 - 12:46

Revolver - I remember them..with a flute?

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the pale saints? or have they?

let's face it, most of the shoegazing stuff was crap save a few albums. which are among my favourites to this day.

see: slowdive - pygmalion

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from Sam S.Sep 05 2002 - 10:42

Flying Saucer Attack is awesome.

BTW, I just HAVE to use this thread name for an album or comp or something.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from adamSep 05 2002 - 08:37

Swervedriver is indeed excellent, and well worth checking out. Though they have a lot more energy than your average wall of sound outfit. I personally dislike anything beyond mezcal head, but to each his own.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from Ian C StewartSep 02 2002 - 16:56

dude, Levitation - NOW you're talking! I still think I'm alone in continuing to obsess over their nuanced greatness! They're too alternative-y for "prog rock" people and too prog for anybody else.... but me!

Especially the "need for not" album and the previously-mentioned track 4, "Resist"! Which features a drum fill so restrained it's transcendental.

I think the bass player from Levitation was playing in Brendan Perry's solo band in the late mid 90s but I haven't heard a peep from any of them since then. Which is a monumental pity since I rank their drummer Dave Francolini right up there. Anybody know?

And one more Levitation aside before I go, I was all set to make a major bootleg trade with a guy in London - he was going to set me up with all of the post-Bickers Levitation stuff (plus demos + live stuff) in exchange for a big pile of XTC demos. I think you can guess how this story ends since I'm still bitter about it. That could be the only trade I ever got burned on.

LEVITATION power! rock on!!!!! we should start a Levitation Yahoo group or something now.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from NosferatoSep 02 2002 - 13:50

Swervedriver is definately worth checking into, I hope they are still together as a band.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from dESep 02 2002 - 05:13

Anyone ever listen to the band Revolver (album Cold Water Flat)?

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from DeanSep 02 2002 - 01:32

Yeah: two awesome LP's but I think Kevin S has been scuppered by his own perfectionism and seems to have given up to become an odd job man for (mostly) mediocre bands. What a shame. Anyone a swervedriver fan?? I've heard good things about them but never tested the waters.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from micahSep 01 2002 - 17:56

i think my bloody valentine was the first band to be labeled shoegazer. correct me if i'm wrong.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from christianAug 31 2002 - 08:54

absolutely - horsedrawn wishes was incredible as well. shoulder voices is still my favorite tho - especially the song violence to violence, which makes me feel like i'm being eviscreated. oh and chokin on the jokes is great too,i agree. but i really don't like kid silver - too many "la la la's".

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from Jeff B. Aug 30 2002 - 17:01

Christian, Rollerskate Skinny was amazing, you should check out their 2nd record Horsedrawn Wishes if you haven't already. Jimi Shields left the band after shoulder voices and started a band called Lotus Crown which put out a record called "Chokin on the jokes" a few years ago, which is also freakin great. and then there is Kid Silver, which is Ken Griffin's solo moniker - he put out a record called Dead City Sunbeams a couple years ago too. The whole lot of them make great records, albeit not really shoegazers.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from ajAug 30 2002 - 13:10

keep this thread going. shoegazer tunes are where it is at...

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from christianAug 30 2002 - 05:11

laika is awesome. and i had heard about patrick fitzgerald's thing "fruit" but never bothered to investigate. given his openly, well, gay nature (not that there's anything WRONG with that!) that handle is not doing him any favors.

and how about rollerskate skinny? their album shoulder voices mangled my brain years ago.. anyone else like them? i could go on with this thread forever, sorry..

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from DeanAug 30 2002 - 02:39

You guys should see Reading: the town of a thousand shoegazing bands shoegazing: ( Chapterhouse, slowdive etc ) the most uninspiring concrete shithole you could imagine!! Must have been the need to escape!!
Anyone have a clue who actually started the shoegazing thang?? Ride?? Or am I way off the mark?? I'm surprised it took off in US.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from susan331Aug 29 2002 - 16:57

Well, if you want to check it out you've got a long trip ahead of you-- I meant Stockton, California...

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from alistair gAug 29 2002 - 16:42

tower records in stockton ?, i'll have to check that out sometime, i usually just go to alan fearnleys

(n.b. a potentially very obscure north east uk joke)

It's electric WATUSI boogaloo, dammit!! | from susan331Aug 29 2002 - 13:55

All this here dang-ole shoegazing talk inspired me to dig out my copy of Chapterhouse's 'Whirlpool' album, which I hastily purchased at the Tower Records in Stockton after seeing them on '120 Minutes' at age 14 or 15. Damn, but I miss them lank-haired freaks. Come to think of it, I miss '120 Minutes,' too. Don't miss the Tower Records in Stockton, though.

I think Moonshake were on the more experimental dream-pop side of things, although nowadays Margaret Fiedler and Ray Dickaty exhibit the occasional shoegazist tendencies in Laika and Spiritualized, respectively. (Interviewed Laika for Good Looking Blues-- fantastically nice people!)

Kitchens of Distinction went buh-bye in 1996 or so and Patrick Fitzgerald now records under the name...Fruit. (Don't ask.)

Did you guys see the 'history of shoegaze' cover story Magnet ran over the summer? Fascinating reading!

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from christianAug 29 2002 - 05:04

and by the way - there's no way moonshake could be called a shoegazing band. at least i would never label them as that. "eva luna" - there's another unsung classic.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from christianAug 29 2002 - 05:02

i used to LOVE levitation - need for not is a classic, especially the songs embedded and the 4th track (whose name escapes me..but the chorus goes "sometimes i feel like everyone knows.."). their 2nd ep has my favorite song of theirs, attached. i'll have to dig those cd's out and listen to 'em again...

speaking of shoegazing, what about kitchens of distinction? they were phenomenal. i wonder what happened to them.

RE: shoegazing 2: electric boogaloo | from scoobidooAug 29 2002 - 00:36

Moose is definitely one of my favorite band. The first EPs were "shoegazer", but the second part of their career is much more interesting. If persons in this message board are fond of psychedelic pop bands like Love or The Pale fontaines (80's) you MUST find their four albums.
I've heard that they're actually recording a new album!

I also have in my discotheque the first EP of LEVITATION. I think it is called "coterie". It sounds too much prog rock for me. Well, I'm not objectiv but Terry Bickers is still in my "house of love heart".

I've also heard in a House of love fan page that Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers were trying to reform the band.

Very good news!!
"XYZ" still in my heart...

shoegazing. | from mplasterAug 28 2002 - 19:53

[sorry i posted this twice. meant to start a new topic in the last category but screwed up... anyhow...]

okay im sure most of us who were into the whol early 90's shoegazer thing can imagine a heap of stuff. there was SOO
much crap coming out. i was import buyer at a local indie record store so i had the sweet privilege of being privy to all the
new stuff that came out. but there are TWO band no one's mentioned which were so absolutely wonderful, but never
seemed to get their credit and were always overshadowed by the more popular, longerstanding ones. and they are:
MOOSE and LEVITATION. i cant say enough about these two. why moose was never more popular i will never understand.
they blew the pants off any of the hundreds of hut/creation/4ad bands. and levitiation? well i just dont think anyone got
them. they were much more than a shoegazing band. in fact, probably TOO much for your sound-alike moonshakes and
lushes. huge sound. as per the shoegazer formula, they had too many members. and - *gasp* - a KEYBOARDIST! and worst
of all their name wasnt mono-syllabic. anyhow, if anyone hasnt heard them check out any of the early Moose e.p's on HUT
records, or anything at all by levitation, most specifically Need For Not, which is just a giant, amazing album.

oh, hell - how could i forget...... Medicine and the Boo Radleys! quick, lets all prove how obscure or knowledge of the sadly
gone by shoegazer scene was!!!! jump in, folks.

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