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live show?

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RE: Fans in Vienna ?? | from fanOct 30 2002 - 19:16

I love you Schatzi!

RE: Fans in Vienna ?? | from martinOct 06 2002 - 08:00

hi i am form vienna and there are several places that would be predestined for idaho, the chelsea is ok but realy small the stage is approximatley 5 to 3 meters and the club is more visited by people and bands that come from the direction of "punk".
so i would sugesst the `flex´ or the `szene´(www.szenewien.com; www.flex.at)
theise are very cool relatively small but pleasingly locations.
where idaho would certainly be welcome, and a lot of fans would be proud to vistit this gig!!!! implicitly me!!!

greatings martin!
any questions to my mail add.

RE: Fans in Vienna ?? | from DeanoAug 20 2002 - 02:31

Been to Vienna before John-boy?? You're going to love it!! Watch Before Sunrise to get a pre feel for the place. Soppy film but good for building up anticipation for your visit.

Ahhh: travel: fuel for the soul!!

RE: Fans in Vienna ?? | from Martyn SchmidtAug 19 2002 - 09:02

i'm not from vienna but from germany... well, perhaps try out the "chelsea" (www.chelsea.co.at and chelsea@sil.at). it's well known and said to be good. on their webpage you're going to find as well some links to other venues.
a good idea would be to ask the guys from the vienna-located music-mag "skug" (www.skug.at). it's a very tasty, indie- and art-orientated musicmag and very recommended. they surely will know the best locations for idaho to play. tell them you've got this hint from a former writer of the german "intro"-music magazin. they won't know me, but the mag.
hope, this may help you. good luck, martyn

live show? | from JBAug 19 2002 - 02:54

I'm looking for a show in Vienna on Oct. 8th.

Does anyone (who lives in Vienna) have any idea's ???

a small club would be great...

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