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internet radio stations

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RE: suggestions | from CARP sucks!May 14 2002 - 15:26

So next week it looks like congress will kill our favourite stations thanks to lobbying by the fat cat record companies. Maybe we should all boycott members of the RIAA until they respect consumer rights.

RE: suggestions | from abMay 08 2002 - 07:10

go hear to listen to my I D A H O station on live365: http://www.live365.com/stations/239233

all I D A H O

all the time

if there are any tracks you'd like to see added to the playlist, post them here and i'll try to get them up.

RE: suggestions | from brianMay 07 2002 - 15:24

good suggestions, folks.

shit, sometimes i forget how cool the web can be...



RE: suggestions | from canuckMay 06 2002 - 17:24


the indie pop rocks station is great (though I have yet to hear idaho on it - maybe they need some promo copies). The groove salad or cliqhop channels are great if you like more electronic stuff. They are all fairly reliable and stream at a nice 128kbps.

I will check out 3WK and KEXP though...

RE: suggestions | from toddMay 06 2002 - 10:51

this one is pretty good http://www.kexp.org/

RE: suggestions | from susan331May 04 2002 - 10:47

3WK's my favorite. I remember doing a story on 'em for Pitchfork many, many moons ago. You can check out their daily playlists here:

internet radio stations | from michelMay 04 2002 - 10:06

what are the best internet radio stations that play the right music to tune in on? suggestions anyone?

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